Help us to finance the second album of Zlabya: "Les animaux et les choses" !


The project




After two years playing as a quartet, we go back to studio in order to record a second album, entitled "les animaux et les choses" ("the animals and the things). It's time for to put in the box these stories we lived together during the our trips, which have seen Zlabya develop and affirm itself.


With the traditional danse as basis and the bal as playground, we explore many other influences as jazz and world music, to draw our own landscapes. Each tune is for us a story, with its characters and its decor. That's the way we build our music, based on Raphaël's compositions that we evolve and arrange together








"Les animaux et les choses" will be a travel book, a shaken forest, an invitation to danse, a versatile and pictural album, gathering our four personalities. We'll tell about wild islands, hair fires, stormy clouds and many other stories inspired by people we met during our tours.


Zlabya is:


Raphaël Decoster - Diatonic Accordion

Theo Kaiser - Guitar, Trumpet

Jean-Baptiste Guerrier - Upright Bass

Florian Huygebaert – Percussions


After collaborating on many occasions with the scottish fiddler and singer Kate Young, we are happy to share that she'll be our guest for a couple of tunes!



We'll be recording from the 9th to the 13th of March with Maxime Blésin at the Studio Orfena, close to Brussels, in co-production with Bemol Productions.










Why fund it?



The collected money will allow us to finance the following parts :


pre-production costs (transports, material etc.) : 1200€

pay and charges of the guests : 600€

catering costs (5 persons/5 days): 200€

Traveling expenses (Studio): 100€

Fabrication of the limited editions: 300€

Art work: 800€

Communication, diffusion: (posters, flyers, web) 300€

Video: 600€

Montage: 300€

Post charges: 250€

Kisskissbankbank 8% : 370€


TOTAL : 5022€


Besides the work in Studio, many hours have been spend creating and rehearsing together, for free.

If we succeed to exceed the target, our priority is to pay the musiciens.

Then, invest in communication tools for next european tour.


Thanks a lot !!!






Crée en 2007, Zlabya est un groupe de musique à danser. Il doit son style particulier aux compostions de Raphaël Decoster. Alors teinté d'influences Klezmer, irlandaises, tziganes, Zlabya alimente la tradition tout en innovant, ce qui séduit très vite les danseurs. On compte alors parmis les musiciens du projet : Olivier Catteau, Raphaël Decoster,... See more

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La cave de mimi se réjouit! vous pourrez réaliser votre projet et ainsi nous procurer du plaisir avec votre musique et votre joie de vivre
en avant la musique !
Merci pour votre musique géniale. Je l'adore ! A très bientôt .m