I'm taking Sword and I to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival !!


The project

Sword and I is my one man show, I've been performing it for more than two years (since I graduated from Lecoq theater school), in French and in English in Paris, Montreal, Toronto and London. It is a mimed story between a man and a sword, punctuated with sketches, characters and stand-up comedy. 




I am bringing the show to the 2013 Fringe Festival for the full run (aug 1st-25th) in a 150 seats venue !! This is really exciting, as it's a great opportunity to show it to a large audience and to the arts industry. 


As you might know, being part of the Fringe costs a lot of money... I've gathered most of it but I need your generosity for the final stretch ! Give what you can and help spreading the news !


Here's the trailer of the show :




Why fund it?

I've already generated the funds to cover for accommodation, for the services of a Public Relations company and the festival registration fees.


The result of this collection will cover :

- the printing of the flyers and posters

- the fee for a technician

- the train ticket from London to Edinburgh and back


Thank you SO much ! 

Bruce Fauveau

Bruce Fauveau graduated from the prestigious Jacques Lecoq school in 2010. Since then, he has been performing his physical comedy show in France and in Canada. It's his first Edinburgh Fringe participation as a performer !

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Fonce Bruce !
A tes souhaits ! ^^
Haut les coeurs !!!