Support our exclusive LP with unreleased tracks composed by maestro Alain Goraguer for the French Golden Age of pornographic cinema.


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A huge thank you to all ! We reached the 25.000€ stretch goal, wich allows to unlock the carving section of the X-Rated Exercise book.




The Exercise book awaits you, included with each copy of the LP, that will let you compose your own orgy in one of the two sets included.






Our first LP with musics from X-rated movies starring Brigitte Lahaie was incredibly welcomed by you. But this was just a foreplay ! We went into digging new pornographic soundtracks, in order to bring you deeper into the thick universe of french porngroove. A brand new selection of unreleased musics composed by the great Alain Goraguer, brought together on a collector vinyl, object of all the desires, that will be available only through this campaign. Book right now your Alain Goraguer X-Rated Music LP !


The guideline of this new adventure ? The touch and the groove of the maestro Alain Goraguer, a modest genius who used to work under an alias to musicalize what was happening in the beds in the movies directed by Burd Tranbaree. Orchestrator, composer of an impressive number of monumental french pop songs, from Boris Vian to Serge Gainsbourg, from France Gall to the cult french TV show "Gym Tonic", Alain Goraguer is well known by hip-hop fans and sampling lovers for his cult soundtrack for The Fantastic Planet by René Laloux. He gave in all his experience and his unique craftsmanship in composing original soundtracks for this X-rated cinematographic adventures.


For this LP, we choose eight unreleased tracks. Definitely an eclectic selection, to express all the master's talent, alway accompanied by his favorite musicians. Close-to-the-skin disco, suggestive reggae, contagious groove and bewitching melodies that we gathered to caress your wide open ears, and to flash your eyes with a object at the height of your fantasies.



In 2015, thank to the kindness of producer Francis Mischkind, we started our exploration of this forgotten treasures with seriously funky accents.


In octobre 2016, we shared it with you on Kisskissbankbank, brought a project gathering musics from seven movies starring Brigitte Lahaie. The interest you showed was immediate. Our only print of 700 copies was (almost) entirely booked at the end of the campaign.


Beyond this first adventure, many great tracks were still to get out from oblivion, to restore and to share with you ! Musics from movies from the Golden age of french porn, with evocative titles such as Swinging Couple Cruise, Private Nurses, Right of the First Night or A Foreign Girl in Paris. But the critical state of the tapes required a huge restoration work.



In order to finance this rescue and to create a new vinyl that matches our first one, we call upon your desire to be part of the initiative ! Together, let's render these naughty tracks by Alain Goraguer available for the first time on a support worthy of your expectations.


If you are as we are sensitive to the charm of this enchanted parenthesis of vintage porn, celebrating a festive sexuality, then you will certainly like the jewell case we created for these unreleased tracks.



This new LP Alain Goraguer, X-Rated Music is dedicated to love. Love between a couple, and more, and many, happily showed by these movies from the late 70's. To reconnect with this spirit of sexual liberty, we went trough thousands of on-the-set pictures to find THE most iconic scene. We hope that you will appreciate too the complicity flowing from this anthological scene from A Foreign Girl in paris, directed by Burd Tranbaree.




The more you will be to book your copy of the LP, the more the object you'll get will be beautiful. So curious ears, gem collectors, nice things lovers, let's join our forces to make a reality from this cult record projet, worthy of our wildest erotic dreams !


We've collected 10.000€, we'll go deeper into the Golden Age with a gatefold with inner sleeve, with an impressive double-size pictures in the spirit of the adult magazines centerfold !



If more of you support the campaign, you'll gain an exceptional add-on that might occupy you with sensuousness. A whole Excercise book, with the classics : coloring, points to link and carvings, but in a X-Rated version. Created with the complicity of Erwann Terrier, illustrator know by many of you for his works for the magazine Schnock, the TV show 28 Minutes on Arte, L'Express, Playboy or Technikart.




The campaign reached 15.000€, we'll print the coloring section and add it with the LP sleeve. A great drawing of group sex, size 30x60cm, that you will chose to sublimate with your own colors. A great time of sensuality, focus on the curves, pencil in your hand.



We reached 20.000€ ! The Exercise book will get a point to link section, with patterns that your sagacity will reveal. Fun and excitements will be yours, as a reward for your patience and commitment.


And if we rise to 25.000€, the Exercice book will be really complete, with a gallery of characters to carve and to layout of the included locations, to elaborate your own orgy, with any outside help ! Infinite combinations allowed by the carefully designed positions by Erwann, who documented himself with extreme dedication.



Côté contreparties, les personnages du cahier d'activités, futurs compagnons de vos soirées ludiques, orneront fièrement un tote bag en coton bio.


Let's not forget the pledges. The character from the Exercise book will feature on the overnight bag, our exclusive organic coton tote bag, must-have for this season. You will shove everything you want in this bag with discreet pattern and welcoming hips.



And because nothing stops us, we even made magnets with our favorite characters, so that your fridge can welcome the group parties of your own !



You could order our book Brigitte Lahaie the cult movies, written on close collaboration with Brigitte Lahaie herself. Alain Goraguer and his fellow companion director told us in it how they were crafting these incredible soundtracks for X-Rated movies.


For passionates and those who missed our previous campaign, we thought of you. We are giving in our very last copies of Brigitte Lahaie the Cult Record inexceptionnal limited pledges. This is not a new print, just the last 30 copies we have left.


And because we believe we can celebrate the spirit of the 70's while catching up with the whole modern "box" thing, we got our own X-Rated Box, full of surprises. Limited to 10 pieces, is will include the two LP Alain Goraguer X-Rated Music and Brigitte Lahaie the Cult Record, with photos and naughty objects, chosen carefully in consistency with the group sex theme...

¿Para qué servirá la colecta?

To finance the digitalisation of the audio tapes, often in a critical condition, the tracks restoration, using the most advanced techniques and softwares, handled by our expert friends from Coloursound Studio and Vrai Son.


To fund the mastering of the tracks specifically for the vinyl support


To remunerate composer Alain Goraguer for the use of his musics, and to acquit the SDRM reproduction fees


To create the original drawings for the X-Rated Exercice book by Erwann Terrier


To make the layout for the cover and the X-Rated Ercice book


To print in France the LP, its cover and the Exercise book 


To finance all the pledges


To provide the tracked shipping of the LP and pledges to all our backers



Brigitte Lahaie Cult Movies is a collaborative book, started by Cédric Grand Guillot and Guillaume Le Disez. They are dedicated B-movies fans - you might believe they grew up in a video rental store, which might closed to the truth. Nicolas Lahaye joined them, he has a PhD in History of Civilisations, and wrote a thesis about dreadful films (so bad... Ver más

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+ Le disque sera fabriqué en combien d'exemplaires ?

Le tirage est de 1000 exemplaires. Si les demandes sont plus nombreuses, nous pourrons en faire represser, afin d'éviter ce qui s'est passé avec le premier Disque de culte, pour lequel nous avions été pris de court.

+ Comment sera assurée la livraison ?

Les disques seront expédiés dans des cartons adaptés pour l'envoi de vinyles, et acheminés par Chronopost avec suivi de l'envoi et accusé de réception.

+ Est-ce que le disque sera vendu sur internet ou à la Fnac après la campagne ?

Nous proposons notre vinyle exclusivement sur KissKissBankBank. Les disquaires qui vendront le disque auront réservé leurs lots pendant la campagne. Nous n'envisageons pas d'autre diffusion.

+ De quelle couleur sera le vinyl ?

Ce sera un vinyl noir classique.

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