Helping to rebuild Balajutar neighborhood, Katmandu.


Presentación detallada del proyecto



Last April 24th, I found myself in the middle of a quite powerful and dramatic situation after one of the biggest and most powerful earthquakes in the last 100 years, hit the poor country of Nepal.


I spent some days totally isolated, I was not able to communicate with my family/contact home. I slept in the courtyard of a rustic school during all the following week. My head felt overrun. Katmandu was submerged in chaos; people were wandering around the city, completely shocked, living in constant fear for the replicas. Crumbled building, lack of water and electricity and supplies getting lower add to create a very particular situation.

This situation moved me to action. The lack of water and electricity, crumbled building and shortage of supplies added more difficulties to the situation.

I took my camera and I spent 2 full days walking around, trying to catch pictures that would show to the rest of the world the devastation caused by the earthquake. I hope that these pictures will encourage you to help to the ones in need.

I'm Pablo Bustos, a 30 year old photographer established in Barcelona. I was traveling with two friends when the earthquake surprised us.


The Nepalese government is completely overwhelmed and unprepared.   This is the reason for this project and call for donations. To give a litlle help to people that have lost everything.

























¿Para qué servirá la colecta?

All the raised money will be used to cover the basic needs of people living in the Balajutar neighborhood, in Katmandu city. One of the most affected districts in the city.


They need a lot of everything: clothes, medicines, food, water, etc.


All the money will be sent to  Ramji Pandey, Treasurer in charge for financial and other activities in Om Namah Shivaya Parivar institution in Katmandu


He lodged us in his house due to the friendship with his daughter. 

He is coordinating this project and he will be in charge of  delivering goods and resources to the most affected families in Balajutar.


Last Message from Ramji Pandey:


"Thank you a lot for your concern to us . You can send your contribution in our institution. We are very pleased to get a message from you . The situation is not normal yet, we are still sleeping outside in the shelter "






I'm giving 6 photographs of my trip to India and Nepal taken between march and april 2015, in order to support this cause. 






You Will Be Able to choose one of these 6 photos with your donation


5€ : Thank you for your donation.


10€: Your donation will be listed in Om Namah Shivaya Parivar institution.


20€: Thank you card specially created for the occasion.


30€: Special PIC BOX photo print (12x12cm).


50€: You will receive a fine art photo print (18x24 cm).


80€: You will receive a fine art photo print (20x30 cm).


100€: You will receive a fine art photo print (40 x 60 cm).


150€: You will receive a fine art photo print (60 x 90 cm).


300€: A BIG SIZE!! fine art photo print (80x120cm).




In the interests of clarity and transparency, I would like to specify that:


- All profits  the collected amount, the 8% taken by KKBB and the production costs (photo printing and sending), will go into the project.


- All profits collected  will be delivered to Ramji Pandey, who will assess the situation on site and organise the spending according to the most urgent needs.


- You will be able to appreciate the importance of your contribution. I will personally keep you posted regularly via email and social networks.



Thanks for the collaboration in this project to:


PicGlaze (Digital printing)










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Suerte con el proyecto Pablo!
Hi Pablo, we are really happy to share your know, we were in Katmandu during the earthquake like you... Here in our village we show our picture of the travel to our friends and we collect this money... Me, Andrea and our italian friends thanks you a lot.... Please Nepal!!!! lots of love to everybody Francesca
Good Project!