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L'Enfant du Silence - Livre et Disque

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Project visual L'Enfant du Silence - Livre et Disque
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Friday, December 27, 2013
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Matthieu Miegeville presents "The Child from Silence (EP)" with his rock-folk band TERRE NEUVE and a collection of texts of his own.

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Are shipping costs included ?
Yes ! Once you've paid for your package, everything is included.
What if the project doesn't reach 100% ?
If the KKBB does not reach 100%, then every backer is given his money back or his money is never taken.
Quand recevrai-je mon package ?
Les packages seront envoyés aux environs des mois de février / mars, le temps d'enregistrer, de produire et d'envoyer, tout simplement.
What is an EP ?
An EP is a 4 to 6 tracks CD - not a full album.