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Bellow we put together as much information to share our project with you. But, hey, what about listening to the song first?!

We are very enthusiastic about making a music video for "Eskimo" with a great creative team and have thought thoroughly about the best orginal unique rewards we would give you in exchange for your kind support. All our thank you goodies are hand-made with love and dedication towards the project.

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Title: Eskimo

Length: [4:35]

Shooting location: Brussels

Period: Fall 2015






Empty Taxi is a project by French/Northern-Irish producer and vocalist Zoë Mc Pherson now based in Brussels, Belgium. Zoë works with field-recording material, keyboards, percussions and her voice. Her compositions reveal influence from electronica, techno, ethnical and folkloric music. She calls her style of music ‘Indigenous electronic’. Debut cassette/EP IRIZAJN was self-released last fall on limited handcrafted cassette edition and download. It received encouraging reviews notably from The Quietus:


"French/northern-irish producer and vocalist Zoë Mc Pherson, aka Empty Taxi, seems to have emerged as a fully-fledged genius producer of impeccably put together, atmospheric avant-pop […] Irizajn deserves to be up there with the best tapes – and most instantly lovable debuts – of 2014"


This summer Empty Taxi participated in an inter-disciplinary residency REITIR in the North of Iceland where she also performed a serie three concerts and met costume designer Siff Pristed. This fall she will be shooting her first music video in Brussels. After what she will celebrate the release with some concerts in Europe. She is now working on new tracks with the aim to release a second EP. In 2016 she will be on residency to develop new collaborations and the live performance. If you wish to read more, check out here a recent interview.


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"My friend Eskimo is coming around at my place, we'll have a fish or two -who knows- and talk about what's gonna happen..."


It all started when I discovered the book The Netsikik Eskimos by explorer Knud Rasmussen. The Inuit people, their culture and environment fascinates me: from throat singing, hunting, fishing, sled dogs, sewing skills, food such as Arctic char, seal meat, whale, caribou, their legends, their skin, the infinite landscapes and light,…I find it magical and weird at the same time. And I have a dream to travel to Greenland and discover their culture or what is left of their traditions and how they live now. Without being surprised we can already tell the traditions of the Inuït people have indeed suffered a lot. The tribe counts less and less fishermen and hunters since they have changed their traditional diet with the arrival of "Occidental" food. This has dived them into problems of alcoholism, unemployment, drugs and poverty. Their "modernized" life sees more poverty and unemployment than most other parts of the western world. This, along with discrimination and officials ignoring them as a culture.


It remains to be seen how the Inuit culture will survive and how, in general, all of our traditions will survive, coping with Progress and Technology.




"Eskimo" talks about the relationship between folklore and technology, indigenous and new-comers, ancient culture and today's culture. How both can live together, grow and interact with esteem towards another.

To be honest the term "Eskimo" is used here on purpose, and from a sarcastic occidental point of view. But it is commonly heard to be racist and insulting and would mean "raw meat-eater". To be polite the title should be "Inuk", "Inuit people", "Greenlanders" or "Klaallit" depending on where they live.


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Siff Pristed  wants to live in a world where people dare to dream out loud. As a designer working in the field between fashion, textile and art, she has a project-based approach to design. She works with strong concepts and the element of storytelling, trying to create a powerful and narrative universe around her designs. Her interest in tactility, patterns, techniques and aesthetics is clearly the foundation of her projects, and the shapes on the body arise from that. Siff calls herself a textile expressionist and explorer, because her desire to experiment, explore and investigate is the power of her creations. Capture_d_e_cran_2015-09-16_a__22.50.07-1442436641

She worked for the art/fashion collab Moonspoon Saloon, and she’s been showcased in Los Angeles, on Il Salone in Milan and Copenhagen Fashionweek several times. She has been artist in residency at REITIR, Siglufjörður, IS (2015). Her latest costume-design for the play Radium, premiers at Copenhagen Musictheater on October 16th.


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If you are interested in Inuït culture, here are a couple of links. If you have more to share, shoot! ;)


° Read the book "The Netsilik Eskimos, social life and spiritual culture" by Rasmussen, Knud, 1879-1933

° Inuit cultural online resource

° IsumaTV is an independent interactive network of Inuit and Indigenous multimedia. ° Inuit circus

° Tanya Tagag - amazing musician and throat singer.

° Media Indigena is an interactive, multimedia magazine dedicated to Indigenous news, views and creative expression.

° Inspiring Explorer Knud Rasmussen

° Festival. The world's largest showcase of film, video, audio and digital media works created by Indigenous artists.


°Nanook of the North full movie

°Inuïts fishing in ice


© Cover photo by Camille Cooken

Why fund it?

L'équipe Eskimo has put together 1750 euros thanks to the support from the Wallonia Brussels Federation.

We need at least 2500 euros more to be able to MAKE this video clip as follows : - 1500 production costs : camera, lenses, lights and all tech. - 300 euros transportation : van rental & cheap bus for Siff from Copenhaguen - 450 euros set design & accessories - 400 euros textiles to make the costumes (material) and small production material - 0 euros accomodation! - 150 euros direction - 150 euros choreography - 150 euros DoP - 50 euros direction assistance - 100 euros editing - 50 euros post production and color grading - 25 euros make up - 200 euros costs of kisskissbankbank

- 200 euros to make the rewards  



We hope you DO TOO?! If you need more info, tell us!!


NOW don't get cold by staring at your screen too long,

Thank you so much for reading and for your help!!!!




The Eskimo Team


Empty taxi

Zoë Mc Pherson is composer, producer, singer and percussionist creating and recording sounds from our world. She has started her career as a creative projects manager and started by initiating a European creative research laboratory in Lyon in 2008. Since then she has been working as a production manager, PR, administrator and manager for different... See more

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