Franco-Turkish rock band Exil Express needs your support to record its new EP: "KaraKedi".


Présentation détaillée du projet

Hello everyone,


We are a Franco-Turkish rock band based in Paris. Our music puts together different styles  (oriental sounds and rock’n’roll) instruments (winds, percussions and the classical rock line-up) and even languages (French, Turkish, English).





We’re doing everything we can to make good music and we’d really like you to be able to listen to it with the best possible quality. There are some limits to what a band like us can achieve in a home studio configuration and we think we pushed our limits quite far with our first EP “Zero”.



À quoi servira la collecte ?

Time has come to move on. We plan to record in professional conditions our next EP, “KaraKedi”. Its five tracks will be:   - Cümle - Empire silencieux - Kafalar Karışık - Antonella - Tout ce que je veux       We need your support to:   - Book a recording session in a professional studio with a sound engineer - Have the tracks mixed and mastered - Press the CD   Hopefully with your help this “BlackCat” will be nice and ready real soon!   Ensemba7
Exil Express

Exil Express is a Franco-Turkish rock band based in Paris. Their sources of inspiration express a diversity to be heard in the oriental rhythms and sounds of their original songs, but always with a deep rock'n roll ground. They sing in French, English and Turkish, mixing not only the styles but also the musical instruments - clarinet, bass clarinet,... Voir la suite

Derniers commentaires

It was long... But it was worth the waiting... Our EP "Exit" will be available online (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes Store, Bandcamp) on March the 1st. Stay around for your free download ticket for those of you who kindly supported the process. And wait for the goodies, they will come! Here's a teaser and a thank you video. Peace! EXIL EXPRESS
Any news? :D
YEAH!! We did it! Thanks everyone for participating in this adventure. You'll receive your goodies very soon. We hope you'll like the result. Album in the making... Stay around for the news: