Expedition 7th Continent is loading a new campaign of maping and analyzing the large plastic waste masses in the Atlantic Ocean.


The project

A shared emergency:  understanding and reducing plastic pollution to protect the planet


90% of plastics found in the sea come from the continents… no ocean is free of a massive plastic presence (8 to 10 million tons dumped  every year which have enabled the accumulation of so much plastic that it is equivalent to the area of an ocean)…. these plastics convey endocrine disruptors, heavy metals and other pollutants, becoming traps for the biodiversity of fish, sea mammals and birds that ingest them.


France will host the climate conference Paris Climat 2015, creating a national and international commitment to the environment, it is therefore time to UNDERSTAND, EXPLAIN AND ACT.


This is the reason why the "Expedition 7th Continent," is taking action to protect the oceans through two expeditions that combine scientific know-how, education and the media, in order to solicit a commitment for joint action: from May 15 to June 15, 2015 in the North Atlantic; from December 2015 to January 2016 in the South Atlantic.

Why fund it?

A NECESSARY STAGE structured in 4 main areas:


SCIENTIFIC: Together with the "Expédition 7th Continent", the largest French organizations are mobilising their technical and human resources. The National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) and the European Space Agency (ESA) are working to locate and identify the density and size of this pollution from space. AIRBUS Defense System is participating alongside the CNES. GOOGLE is providing its technical resources EARTH  and MAPS.



Researchers at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) are studying persistent organic pollutants, heavy metals in the waste as well as live organisms such as viruses, bacteria, pathogenic agents, zooplankton, Sargassum algae and jellyfish using waste to proliferate. This is what is now called the "Plastisphère". The Oceanographic Institute of  MONACO is supporting these studies as a partner. An international conference of scientists who are working on this is being planned.


EDUCATIONAL: In June 2015 the Expedition will be active during the European Sustainable Development Week, the World Oceans Days and, at the end of the year, during the conference “ParisClimat2015”. During these important stages of collective mobilization, the ‘Expédition 7th Continent’ will organize in France, along with the Agence de l'Eau (Seine Normandy) , the Education Nationale and with the support of many associations, clean-up days and the collection of ground waste. In addition, the expedition will make a stopover in the French Antilles to  raise awareness of the general  public and students.


We are creating the widest possible cleanup dynamic, complemented by music festivals and art exhibitions. An area of digital learning is made available for teachers to address the topic of 7th Continent in the secondary school curriculum, this digital module will be made available to the general public and will become participative.


CO-CONSTRUCTING: A wide campaign of  public relations  and extra  media activities, will be put in place to provide more concrete and approachable actions of the Expedition in order to achieve a lasting behavior change. A documentary film has been made to be broadcast during festivals, on television stations, on planes and on the internet. A dedicated blog has been created on the internet together with social network pages involved in the media coverage.


ACTION: operating on the issue of waste management and on alternatives to plastics, it is essential to remove the dissemination of those materials at the source. It is an essential link for collective responsibility: the efforts of the territories / businesses that promote waste management, recycling and the creation of a circular economy are supported and encouraged.

The ‘Expédition 7 * Continent’ is a label that allows territories, organizations or companies to claim its  actions but also seeks solutions to reduce the continents of plastics, a solution crucial to improve the health of the oceans. The Expéditions 7th Continent can globally support approaches of circular economy and nationalities of its partners, in a concrete, coherent, satisfying sense and generate understanding as well as tangible results.




Expedition 7e Continent

PATRICK DEIXONNE, Membre de la Société des Explorateurs Français, a participé aux deux premières courses transatlantiques à la rame en solitaire et sans assistance qui relient le Sénégal et la Guyane. Lors de ces traversées de plus de 5000 km, Patrick a pu mesurer l’impact de l’homme sur les océans. Il croisa à de nombreuses reprises des déchets... See more