Finance the departure of two students for Bab El Raid, a race has a humanitarian character !


The project

We are two girls : Fiona Breton and Alizée Pinchon, students at the Business School Sup de Co La Rochelle. Our motivation and sense of challenge pushed us to want to participate in this great adventure the Bab El Raid. This is for us the opportunity to set up a humaitarian project and to participate in an extraordinary human and sporting advendture.






The Bab El Raid is a humanitarian rally organized by Maïenga (organizer of the Rallye des Gazelles). It runs from Febuary 6 to 16, 2016 and held in Marocco. The race covers more than 5000km. The aim of this solidarity and humanitarian raid id to help local people in bringing their donations (harware) and "Eco-points" that will fund the planatation of date palms. Our help and our donations will help local people to live their agriculture and in better conditions. This raid aims to reconcile a sports rally, protection of the environment and the development of these populations. 



This rally is a test car based on the regularity, respect of the environment and orientation. It aims to achieve a path, keep a road book and arrive at the checkpoint on time.




During the rally held a special day : the Green Day. Funded by "Eco-points", this day established by the association Coeur de Gazelles can participate in the reforestation of the planet.




Why fund it?

The funding will be used to carry out this projet, i.e. :

- Move us to Morroco (gas, insurance)

- Have a car (and make the necessary adjustements to roads in the desert

- Provide help to local people (planting date palms, giving inputs)

- Make gifts to people (Eco-points, school supplies etc...)


The amount requested is a small part of the backgroung research we are doing, so if the 300€ are exceeded we will use to fill our budget.


We are two students : Alizee Pinchon and Fiona Breton Sup de Co La Rochelle. Aged respectively 19 and 20 years, our motivation, our dynamism and our desire to surpass ourselves motivated to want to participate in a humanitarian rally : the Bab El Raid . Today we are looking for funding in order to bring our contribution to this great adventure, but for...