The Fat Cat Trio is about to release its first album! You can be a part of this musical journey by helping us finance our album project :)


The project

Hello everyone! We are the Fat Cat Trio and we need you to record our first album, to be released in December. We look forward to completing this project with your help! Take a look at the "rewards" we offer in exchange for your contribution, and we hope you'll enjoy listening to our music, on record and live. Do not hesitate to write to us or ask us questions about the project!


Our story


The Fat Cat Trio is a new and exciting project, associating three musicians with different backgrounds but a common goal: sharing their musical universe, and creating a collective attempt to renew a demanding jazz setting: the "String Trio" (guitar, double bass, piano & vocals)


While some consider this kind of trio as one of the oldest in the history of jazz, it is mainly associated with the great Nat "King" Cole, whose trio with Oscar Moore and Wesley Prince deeply influenced the music of its time. As a matter of fact, Ray Charles chose the very same form of trio in his early recordings, admiringly imitating Nat Cole’s enunciation and phrasing qualities.


The other piano giant who left his mark on this form of trio is indubitably Oscar Peterson. When listening to his playing and singing in the rare but revealing 1965 album "With Respect To Nat", one can realize how much Peterson’s music was shaped by Nat Cole. In our understanding, Peterson’s trio with Herb Ellis on guitar and Ray Brown on bass represents an ideal combination of musical sophistication, virtuosity, and cohesive trio sound. From Ahmad Jamal to Billy Bean, many great musicians have written "their" page of the drumless trio tradition: Hank Jones, Barney Kessel, Ron Carter ...





Following Monty Alexander, who recorded several albums with Herb Ellis and Ray Brown under the name "Triple Treat", the piano-bass-guitar trio was brought up to date by a number of young and talented musicians eager to work on the roots of their music and extending them in the present : Diana Krall, who recaptured the formula in many of her albums, but also John Pizzarelli with Christian McBride and Benny Green, and Benny Green himself with McBride and Russell Malone ... Like all these masters, but at our own level, our ambition is to make our contribution to this beautiful tradition: it’s all that history that inspires our project, and encourages us to give a fresh look at a jazz repertoire with our own sound and our trio cohesion.


After playing our music on many stages for a bit more than a year (Mont Dore Festival, Bouche à Oreille Festival in Angers, Festival Jazz au Phare, 24h du Jazz in Wambrechies, and a large number of jazz clubs in Paris ...), we are now eager to record our first album of original compositions and standards, to share our music with the widest audience possible, and marking a first step in the development of our musical universe.


Although our music has evolved during the past year or so, here are some extracts of the music we like to play as a trio (you can also visit our soundcloud page) :



Why use a crowdfunding project?


We need your help in order to give life to our project! Crowdfunding is a way to create a direct contact with all contributors through the « reward » system. In this day and age, Crowdfunding creates a safe and nurturing space for musical projects that do not fit with the « bankable » requirements of major companies.


By providing the means of production, according to what you can afford, you become a stakeholder of a project with a tangible outcome, if the financial goal is achieved. If the fundraising does not reach the amount we aimed for, you fully recoup your investment. But be assured we will do our best to reach our goal before the deadline ;)


We also wanted to point out that every contributions is valuable, it’s one of the core principles of our collaborative approach: the first way for you to help us is sharing the project on social networks, sending the link by email to the friends that might be interested in the project, or just getting the word out about our music !


The crew working on our project:


The musicians :




Jean-Philippe Bordier, the guitar player of our trio, is well known for the quality of his phrasing and his virtuosity on the instrument, making him a versatile leader and sideman. The best evidence is the impressive list of French and international musicians he worked with, on stage or recording studio: Lou Benett, Alain Jean-Marie, Butch Warren, Lolo Bellonzi Pierre Boussaguet, Xavier Richardeau, Serge and Sylvain Luc, Georges Arvanitas, Thomas Dutronc ... In his latest album ("Morning Glory," Black & Blue), published in October 2014, Jean-Philippe recorded a repertoire of original compositions between swing influences and Afro-Caribbean grooves.




Cédric Caillaud, is also one of the most requested sidemen of the French and international jazz scene. Touring and recording with artists such as China Moses, Thomas Dutronc, Brunetaud Julien, Charles Bellonzi, Lew Tabakine, Scott Hamilton ... Cédric is also an experienced leader who recorded his first album in 2006 in trio with Patrick Cabon on piano and Philippe Soirat on drums ("June 26") and invited prestigious American guests on two successive albums: Harry Allen ("Emma's Groove", 2009) and recently Alvin Queen ("Swingin 'The Count")




Young piano player and singer, Pablo Campos conducted his training as a musician in parallel to academic studies (Sciences Po Bordeaux and musicology in Paris). Besides his own bands France and abroad (Jazz in Marciac, Jazzaldia Festival in San Sebastian, A Piano under the trees in Lunel-Viel, Jazz at Lighthouse on the Island Ré ...), he plays as a sideman to a number of musicians such as David Sauzay Michel Pastre, Fabien Mary, Dave Blenkhorn, Mourad Benhammou while continuing to study music with pianists such as Dado Moroni, Pierre Christophe, Barry Harris and Benny Green .

Why fund it?

Main expenditures:


- Recording Studio: 1000 €

- Mixing & Mastering: 800 €

- Photos, graphics and album cover: 400 €

- Pressing discs: 1500 €

- SDRM rights: 800 €

- Estimated shipping fees (rewards): 300 €

- Crowdfunding platform commission (8%): ​​384 €


Total = 5184 €


These costs are lower than those usually charged, thanks to the special relationships we have with our partners on the project.


If the amount of the fundraising were to be exceeded, even then don’t hesitate to contribute to the project: on one hand, the budget is only a part of the costs already enagaged in the production of the album. On the other hand, any additional budget will be used to create the best context possible for the release of the album : advertising in specialized media, sending the album to the press, booking a tour and/or hiring a press agent. We also have some musical ideas and surprises that could be added to our album if the budget allows it :) More info to come soon!




Le Fat Cat Trio est né de la rencontre entre trois musiciens aux parcours différents mais avec un horizon commun, qui ont souhaité mettre en partage leur univers musical et créer un projet collectif autour d’une formule exigeante : le « trio à cordes » (guitare, contrebasse, piano & chant) Le Trio puise dans la tradition des maîtres qui ont donné leurs... See more

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