FAT WHAT is a creative and original tee shirt brand. This project will allow us to realize 16 new models !


The project


FAT WHAT, the genesis :


FAT WHAT started in September 2012 with two students who were always interested in fashion, in photography, in street art, in having a good time...


One day we decided to get into a concrete project and to create a tee shirt brand : FAT WHAT.


All the designs are made by ourself et with our own way : basically we take pictures we edit it with Photoshop to give life to our ideas !








Artistic side :


When it comes to style, even for us it's difficult to define ourselves, and perhaps we are happy with that. Our inspirations could come from everywhere, from our daily experiences, from our various interests, from our pre-dinner drink, or it could be spontaneous !


For the design realisations, we haven't got a precise way how to act and our approach is never the same, but we always aim originality. For example, it can give a man going appearing from a washing machine drum, or audio tapes making love, a woman who is shaving herself, a mafioso with 3 arms... That is the FAT world !



We want to do the designs by ourselves, that is to say we don't steal pictures on the web to realise the design and we don't do plagiarism. All pictures are taken by us.


To get an idea about FAT attitude you can check our website :













FAT WHAT, not only a tee shirt brand :


So FAT WHAT becomes a tee shirt brand which have ambition to do some "FAT" things.

And the "WHAT" wants to say we don't think to restrict our activity to create tee-shirts, it shows at once everything and "WHAT"ever.


More and more people are touched by this project and some people want to be involved in by a way or an other. This projects became a big collaboration with artists, musicians, photographers ...


To conclue we not only want to create a brand, we want to create a little original world, a FAT world !












Technical side :


Our design are done by DTG impression, a technique which gives a irreproachable and high quality rendering.


We propose our designs on :

- white tee shirt for man 100% cotton

- white tee shirt for woman 100% cotton

- grey marl sweat shirt mixted 100% cotton











Today, we want to give a serious little help to impulse the project which already bring back a lot of good opinions.


People accept positively our project and some blogs give us some voice :

Rennes à coup de coeur

La vie rennaise


If you want to know more about this, don't hesitate first aval to visit our website, or to contact us through facebook :




We want to note we don't make any benefice when we sell our work.




Why fund it?






We have lot of ideas to develop but we are students and we are limited by the financial side.


The monet collectedt with your donations will be used to produce a collection of at least 16 new designs created by FAT WHAT.

They also will be used to broadcast our work to more people, to improve our site, to take high-quality pictures...

Finally, this will permit us to thanks the Kissbankers with rewards.


We need you, so if you want to support a young and creative project lead by very motivated and passionate students , don’t hesitate !

If you have any questions, contact us on our e-mail: contact@fatwhat.com

We wish you a FAT day, thank you !





FAT WHAT is a big collaboration between friends and artists. We are Mileno GUILLOREL-OBREGÓN and César GOMEZ. Don't hesitate to contact us to have more information. Thanks for your attention, we wish you a very good day !

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Si vous obtenez plus de 600€, qu'allez-vous faire de l'argent supplémentaire ?

Si nous avons la chance d'atteindre une somme supérieure à celle demandée, nous utiliserons cet argent pour faire encore de nouveaux designs. Nous l'utiliserons aussi pour développer la marque notamment au niveau de la communication afin d'agrandir sa notoriété.
Donc pas d'inquiétude à avoir, cet argent nous sera très utile!