Help our young Festival to exist this summer ! 15 musicians for 8 exceptionnal concerts ( 7 are free of entrance ) in Béarn, South France.


The project

The  Festival des Musicales de Thèze will take place this summer for the second time, from July 24th till August 2nd.

It will put together 15 musicians, from the Rotterdam Chamber Music Society. This program, initiated by the clarinettist Julien Hervé is mixing professional musicians, member of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, and students from the best european conservatory, in order to build very challenging chamber music program.


The concerts will take place in Béarn ( south France ) and will promote the extraordinary patrimony of this region.

The Viven CastleImg_3239-1434552582



It will be the residence of the musicians and the following concerts will take place here :


July 25th, concert-dinner arround hungarian music

July 29th , young people concert, with the theme of the magical power of music

July 31th and August 1st, at the sunset, outdoor concert in the Green Theatre of the CastleDsc_1076-1434552698 .


the City of Pau will be partner of the Hiking Concert which will take place sunday, July the 26th. The visitors will walk in the city, and will have 4 musical breaks.




The Church St Michel de Gélos will host our "Great Classic" concert tuesday, July 28th.


Le Festival will end the 2nd of August in Chapelle du Couvent des Réparatrices de la ville de Pau .




The cast this year is :


Eva Zavaro ( France )  , Quirine Scheffers ( Netherlands) , Camille Fonteneau ( France ), Luca Bognar ( Hungary ) et Maria Nagao ( France ) : violins


Darija Kozlitina ( Layvia) , Pierre-Marc Vernaudon ( France ), Mirabelle Le Thomas ( France ) : viola


Anjali Tanna ( USA ), Mario Rio ( Switzerland ), Alexis Derouin ( France ) : cellos


Émilie Legrand ( France ) : double bass


Jean-Hisanori Sugitani ( France ) : piano


Alban Beunache (  France  ) : horn


Clément Bonnay ( France ) : bassoon


Julien Hervé ( France ) :  clarinet and artistic direction


The detailed program is there : .



Why fund it?

None of the musicians or organiser get paid for this Festival, but we need some help to cover our expenses : travel, car renting, meals, grand piano renting, all the marketing material ( posters, flyers, programs, roller banners ) and the copyrights of course.

Our budget is arround 9000€ and we need 3000€ to reach it. Sponsors D'addario, Buffet Group and Pianos Nesprias already trusted us by helping us !


Général Budget


renting, tuning and transport of grand piano = 4080€

musicians travel = arround 1700 €

posters, kakemonos, flyers = arround 800€

programs = arround 500€

copyrright SACEM = arround 700€

print photo album = arround 300€


total arround 8080€



Help Buffet Group = 1000€

help D'addario = 1600€

Help Pianos Nesprias = 300€

Help  Luys en Béarn = 500€

Help  Musicales de Thèze = 1600€


total = 5000 €


to go : 3080€



Né en 1980, Julien Hervé est reçu en 2001 au Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris ( CNSMDP ) dans la classe de Pascal Moraguès . Il en sort quatre ans plus tard, et réussit enfin à jouer sans taper du pied. Distingué par de nombreuses intitutions en tant que soliste (Yamaha Music Award 2001, Révélation classique de l’année... See more

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