The Paris Commune: the largest political massacre in French History; the beginning of the French Republic...


The project



Letter to our kisskissbankers:

How sweet it is to feel supported, either because we are friends, and we are lucky to have friends like you, or because you believe this project could lead somewhere, and your support really matters.


Some crowdfunding campaigns have to fail in order to make it a thrilling challenge… Unluckily, ours didn’t reach its goal.


We were probably pretty bad at communicating or selling our project; we may also not have worked enough on our project… It’ll be interesting to look into it later. On the heat of the moment, one tends to avoid certain points or to question everything.


I rarely mention all the difficulties I stumble upon, censorship, loneliness… We may all go through the same intensity of violence, dull for those who give in, thunderous for those who resist. We never completely give in, we never totally resist, it’s a matter of degree.


In those times where conservative forces lock and neutralize things, I do think we need to make up an economic alternative, if we want to see and make a cinema of research, a cinema that questions, hesitates, mistakes and throws cobblestones we make roads and barricades with.


We will not make the movie we thought we would. Now, we have to look what is within our reach, which breach we will be able to make our way. I have some leads. Some thrilling leads. I do need some times to think about it, to let it grow. There will be a movie named “Commune”. We will work harder to make it wilder, more challenging, stronger.


I will talk to you soon over there.




PS. I note your names. You will be warmly thanked in the credits of this coming movie.





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The Paris Commune in a few words.


The Paris Commune is an insurrectionary experience running from the 18 March 1871 to 28 May 1871. The people of Paris in favor of the Republic seized the power and tried to vote avant garde measures before facing a government’s deadly crackdown that killed tens of thousands civilians.


The film "Commune".


(Isabelle and Olivia's working)


The film starts in September 1870. We discover how hopeful people are by the proclamation of the Republic until they observe how the government misleads them, by delaying elections, suppressing newspapers, arresting opponents... The Republicans, then, seize power and finally establish what they have been expecting for more than twenty years: the Republic, the Commune. The film ends during the "bloody week" in May 1871.


The characters.


(First page of our synopsis)


The film "Commune Paris" follows the everyday lives of four characters more or less affected by the events of the Paris Commune:

A mother, indifferent to politics, who struggles to provide for her daughter;

Her daughter, who doesn't talk since his dad died in battle;

A soldier, wounded in battle, who suffers from something that had no name at the time, post traumatic stress disorder;

An republican activist, hopeful when the Republic is proclaimed, and fights, looses hope, struggles…


Those characters are not heroes of the Commune, but ordinary people who follow events through newspapers, posters ...

By focusing on their everyday life, we want to look into problems that still make sense today and gather down-to-earth and poetic material.




(Claude's doing an ad...)

If everything goes as we hope, we will shoot the movie in the Fall, edit it for 3 months, take some time away to get back at this project with a fresh pair of eyes, take two weeks to put the final touches... You will see the movie "Commune" in March 2015.




(Timeline of the editing...)


In addition to the story of those characters and the History of Paris Commune, we take a walk around Paris through the seasons... The footage of this documentary part, everyday life scenes, details of Paris, will be released in Creative Commons (see the "Communard" package).

Why fund it?



We began to film Paris one year and a half ago. We are almost done with this documentary part. 


What we need to finance is the fiction part about the Paris Commune. We made up a project (a small team, a closed doors story...) that allows us to vigorously cut the expenses down.  We hope to find perhaps even more poetry with a simple way to tell a story...


Once the film is directed and edited, we are like small artisans and small producers facing monsters of the industry.

A third of the budget will be dedicated to defend the film, release a DVD and throw a Premiere, for us to meet and debate...




The crew is made of four Communards: Claude Pérès is a director. He has directed three features and numerous short films and art videos. His work uses image crisis and distancing effect. Isabelle Lelièvre is an actress. She has a long experience in street theater. She was "Colette" in the comedy duo "Patricia et Colette" and performs now as the... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Do you have a script or something?

Yes, we do, even though we're pretty sure to rewrite it again and again. We will follow ordinary people, no heroes, just some random people observing the events, as we would do if a revolution was about to happen. We would read and watch the news, we may also protest or… And then, at some point, the Paris Commune transforms their lives, but we can spoil the plot, right?

+ It must cost a lot of money, a costume drama?

Well, we won’t make a costume drama or a reconstruction… We have something simple, stripped in mind. We don’t want to look at those people like some weird 19th century people. We want to see what still make sense for us today in their fight. We’re searching for simple, human, poetic things here…

+ Will it be a feature film?

Yes, it surely will. There is a story, four characters… And we would like to film Paris today, see if this Paris Commune still ring a bell or not… It should run for something like 100 minutes or so… We have a lot to tell…

+ How do you intend to produce it?

Well, our project doesn’t fit in with mainstream cinema, obviously. Because of the subject and how we intend to do it… I mean, there is only a few films made about the Paris Commune… So we’re going to try to build up our own small, handmade economy, see if it’s possible to make a different cinema…

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