BOBARI by Boampoundi Combari

Just a girl and a dream.

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BOBARI by Boampoundi Combari

I have been wanting to do a project such as this one for now three years. After having lived in New York City for more than seven years, where fashion is EVERYTHING, I had to go back to my home country, Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso. I was leaving one of the richest cities in the world to move to one of the poorest cities;  to say that they're two different worlds would be an understatement! But, I did see beauty in local fabrics, and I remember telling myself "I can make something really cool out of this".

Unfortunately, I seemed to be the only one that saw that beauty. Most of the Burkinabè citizens preferred to dress in foreign clothing because it is seen as more luxurious. At the time I was only seventeen and I made a promise to myself that was going to make popular the local fabrics, and specifically the "Faso Dan Fani". 

After graduating from High School, I move to Paris to attend college. Arriving in the fashion capital of the WORLD made my love for design even stronger. Seeing as the world in evolving, it's not simply about making "pretty clothes" anymore, it's about make clothing that is revolutionary whether it's in the fabric or the design. 


That is why I'm submitting my project to Kisskissbankbank. I have always sort been of a "lone wolf", meaning that I always try to do things for and by myself without seeking help. But I believe in this project so much, and I'm hoping others, such as you will believe in it too.




Formerly known as the "fabric of the poor", the Faso Dan Fani became very popular in the 1980s when the former President of Burkina-Faso, Thomas Sankara wore it to meet with other worldwide leaders. When the people saw that, they couldn't help but feel proud. He encouraged the Burkinabè people to value their work, and so they did. But after his death, no major initiatives were made to promote this beautiful fabric. 

Today, there are designers who solely work with the Faso Dan Fani, but they are unknown or don't make enough money to live of that work.






With my my project, I want to make the Faso Dan Fani "cool", not only for the Burkinabè, but for anyone who appreciates fashion and its different forms. I turn to you to help me make that possible.

I will not only be working with Faso Dan Fani, but also with the Pagne Indigo, recycled plastic, biological coton, and other fabrics. 





My final objective is to create a fashion line with these main fabrics and submit an application for the 31th International festival of fashion and photography in Hyérès, France. If my application is successful I'll have a chance to win a cash prize of 15 000 euros, but that is not what is most important to me. The great part of entering this competition would be the exposure and more importantly the chance to collaborate with some of CHANEL's Métiers D'art. 




I am also going to set up an E-shop where the clothing will be available sale. I've started purchasing the fabrics that I will need, but I still have a long way to go considering that I am a college student and therefore I do not work. 








I was told "you're too young", "you're not mature enough to build a successful project", "you should wait". But the truth is I know want and I am always going to find a way to make it possible. I know that you will help me get where I want to be. 


À quoi servira la collecte

There two majors reasons to fund this project: 


- it will help create and maintain jobs


The minimum wage in Burkina Faso is 36 000 francs CFA per month; which is approximatively 65 US dollars or 55 euros. This is barely enough for the average family. I want to buy the fabric directly from the producers, and be able to pay them decently for their work, and encourage them to continue. 




- it will help promote clothing that is environmentally friendly 


The Faso Dan Fani is traditionally made; meaning the women who make the fabric are usually the ones who go in the coton fields to pick the coton, they treat it before weaving it. They weave it with their hands and feet, without the use of one ounce of electricity. 


As for the plastic that I'm going to be using, it's recycled plastic from black plastic bags. The first time I saw it I was amazed because it did not look like plastic. Usually people use it to make bags and baskets, but I want to incorporate it in an actual gown. By recycling this plastic, it's less plastic that goes in sewers, in the rivers, less animals eating it, etc. Also, the women who recycle the plastic are usually stay at home moms or handicaps, and I think it would be a great way to promote their hard work as well.


Burkina Faso Plastic Bag Recycling   Recycled_fabrics-1451075191



Finally, I will be using biological coton. Burkina Faso, along with Benin, Mali and Chad are known as the "Cotton Fours" because they produce a huge part of the cotton in the world. But they've resorted to using GMOs to increase their productions, and it's been proven that the use of such organisms can have dramatic consequences for the environnement. I think it's important, especially today to really protect the earth, not only for ourselves, but for the future generations as well. 


Funding this project would funding something new, and I would love your help to make that possible.









Faso Dan Fani                                                    1 000 euros

Recycled plastic                                                  500 euros

Biological coton                                                   500 euros 

Indigo fabric                                                         500 euros


             Other fabrics:                                          950 euros 

     - superwax and wax

     - raw leather

     - embroidered fabric from Nigeria 

     - silver 

     - polyester, silk, viscose, etc.


Other necessary materials


- camera                                                               750 euros

- serger                                                                 400 euros

- travelling expenses                                            700 euros


- creating and maintaining an E-shop                   1 200 euros


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