Présentation détaillée du projet

The activity of Bus - Paragem Cultural Association is essentially to provide to the community a platform where artists/creators have a space that allows them to presente their artistic projects for free, creating a unique synergy among those who attend our Space and the artistic community.

In order for this to continue to happen, we urgently need to renew our space so that it is possible for artists and for all who visit us to continue to enjoy all of our cultural offerings. The space has many years of use and our infrastructure needs to be upgraded so that we can continue to be able to enjoy our space safely. For our purpose to continue to happen, we need to intervene in several faccilities:

- Soundproofing

- Ventilation and insufflation

- Improve fire safety and security

- Bathrooms for men and women

- Get our floor Renew

- Electrical installation

À quoi servira la collecte ?


We work as voluntary work of our association members and friends and we do not have the financial capacity to carry out the necessary improvement works and this is where you come in! Everyone can contribute and get the funding to make Bus better and in the long run to stay in operation. Help us maintain a project that has existed for more than 5 years and that already has an endless number of members who visit us regularly and feel like part of the Bus family! Our space is a space of sharing and communion of all nationalities! Who comes in, immediately realizes the existing diversity and harmony!


(Manu Chao playing at BUS, 8th of May, 2018)