Charity Event

Help us give women from all walks of life a voice by coming to our charity event in support of Women and Equality!

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Charity Event

Brief Introduction

My name is Jasmin and I'm the main organsier of the Charity Event. I am a trainee at the European Commission as well as an active member in the EC Dance Subcommittee organised by women at the Commission. Participating in this inspiring and encouraging Subcommittee as well as - where possible - cooperating with other creative and devoted  EC Subcommittees (Culture, Socialist, Sustainability, Europeans of Colour, etc.) shall create synergies and make this Charity Event a shared success.

WHAT is the event about?

The Charity Event is a cultural event full of entertainment (art, dance, music & comedy) to raise money for good causes (women and equality) supporting two NGOs in particular:



"The European Women Lobby"

and "Refugees got Talent"! 


WHO is invited?

Everyone's welcome! As a trainee from the European Commission, I warmly invite other trainees as well as trainee colleagues from the European Parliament and friends from NGOs incl. the "European Women Lobby" and "Refugees got Talent". The event shall be open and inclusive - so feel free to spread the word and to bring your friends along!


WHERE & WHEN does the event take place?

In the cosy "Sazz 'N Jazz" concert place in Boulevard Bischoffsheim 38B, 1000 Brussels. It can be easily reached by Metro line 2/6 within a one-minute walking distance from the stop "Botanique". The event takes place on Tuesday, 17 July between 18:30pm-22:30pm. (Note: There will also be some snacks and (non-/alcoholic) drinks can be bought at the bar.)

HOW does it work?

Quickly and easily get your ticket online and come along to the event. Please make sure to have your ID on you to confirm your identity at the entrance, though (Note: tickets and donations can also be made on the spot in the evening of the event.)

Please note, some donations can arrive a couple of days later. Despite the delay, it will be taken into account as any other timely-made donations before the event. You will be mentioned among the donors and will receive a thank you e-card by email.

Three incredible women will support the event including: 

>>> D E N A - the popular Comedian from the Opening Ceremony of the EU trainees in the European Parliament!


>>> A female artist from "Refugees got Talent" who has various art exhibitions here in Brussels!



>>> A professional Oriental Dancer (a former representative of the nation-wide association for oriental dancers in Germany) and a good friend of mine travelling all the way from Germany to support the Charity Event.


Background information reg. the "Orienatl Dance" workshop: Oriental dance for beginners - “Finding joy as a woman in dance!” - An intensive introduction to the basic movements in oriental dance.

This workshop welcomes everyone who has always wanted to explore the very feminine and sensual movements of oriental dance. I'd like to address with this workshop all women out there - no matter what their age is, no matter if they have prior knowledge of dancing or not - Feel invited to come around and to give it a try!

Bambi Sahab - dance performer & instructor from Heidelberg (Germany) introducing you with expertise and enthusiasm to the world of oriental dance.

Feel free to read about some of these incredible women on my blog:


Note: In addition to this, there will also be some performances by non-professionals including: life music and various dance choreographies. Everyone's free to join on an open dance floor at the end of the performances.


À quoi servira la collecte


The Charity Event is in support of Women and Equality and any topics related to this such as diversity, for example. As listed above, donations made will go to the NGOs, the "European Women Lobby" and (a female artist from) "Refugees got Talent".

The European Women Lobby

Brief introduction to the NGO: The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) brings together the women’s movement in Europe to influence the general public and European Institutions in support of women’s human rights and equality between women and men.

How your donations can make a change: Donations made will be used to fund campaigns such as the popular 50/50 campaign which currently aims at getting more female MEPs into the European Parliament ahead of the European elections next year. You can find our more here: 


Refugees got Talent 

Brief introduction to the NGO: "Refugees got Talent" helps young refugees to improve their talents, allowing them to express themselves and to communicate with their new country and the rest of the world. The NGO provides refugees with a workplace and material to practice their art in Brussels. Visit their Facebook page to find out more here: 

How your donations can make a change: The money raised could help young aspiring refugee artists to keep on improving their talents by providing the necessary work space and art material (paint, brushes, canvasses, etc.). The importance of having these basics readily available has also been stressed by the artist Ch Mia who now holds various art exhibitions here in Brussels thanks to this kind of support. 

Please note last but not least that there will also be a raffle game for people on the spot at the evening where a piece of art from the female artist can be won. More information will follow at the place on the 17th of July. 


Where do the donations to in detail?

- 50% goes to the NGO "European Women Lobby".

- 50% goes to the NGO "Refugees got Talent".

Please check the different ticket options for more details on the next page. 


(Note: A 8% deduction fee applies to the total sum of money raised. The figure is made up of 5% commission fee for the site's service provider and 3% transaction costs. Visit the website to find out more:


In case the goal-amount as stated on the site is surpassed, additional money raised will all be donated to the two NGOs. The money will be transferred to my account by KissKissBankBank and will be used only and completely for this project.




Choisissez votre contrepartie

Pour 3 €

"Big Thank you!" for your donation on the event's Facebook site!

The money raised will be donated to the "European Women Lobby" - Thank you for your support! A "Thank you" message will be posted on the event's Facebook site and on your Facebook wall, if you wish.
  • Disponibilité : 100/100
  • Livraison Juillet 2019

Pour 7 €

5 EUR entrance fee + 2 EUR donation + "Thank you!" on the event's Facebook site!

3,50 EUR per ticket goes to covering the costs for the venue. 1,50 EUR per ticket goes to the Comedian. 2 EUR will be donated to the 2 NGOs (1 EUR each per NGO). Thank you very much for your donation!
  • Contributeurs : 9
  • Disponibilité : 41/50
  • Livraison Juillet 2019

Pour 10 €

Front-row seats + a slice of cake + "Thank you!" on the event's FB site!

3,50 EUR per ticket goes to covering the costs for the venue. 1,50 EUR per ticket goes to the Comedian. 5 EUR will be donated to the 2 NGOs (2,50 EUR each per NGO). Many Thanks for your donation!
  • Contributeurs : 7
  • Disponibilité : 3/10

Pour 49 €

All the rewards plus small but cool personal drawing from the artist!

3,50 EUR per ticket goes to covering the costs for the venue. 1,50 EUR per ticket goes to the Comedian. Note: Instead of the painting, a small but cool personal drawing by the artist is included! The donation would also go to the refugee artist. Many thanks for your support!
  • Disponibilité : 1/1

Pour 49 €

Entrance fee + Professional Oriental Dancer Workshop

3,50 EUR per ticket goes to covering the costs for the venue. 1,50 EUR per ticket goes to the Comedian. The rest goes to the professional oriental dancer offering the workshop. I hope you'll enjoy the evening and the workshop. Thank you very much for your donation!
  • Disponibilité : 5/5

Pour 79 €

1 Entrance fee + 2 professional Dance Workshops for you and your friend!

(See description above) Bring your friend along to the workshop and get a reduction!
  • Disponibilité : 4/4

Pour 99 €

Entrance fee + "Big Thank you!" on Facebook + Painting by the artist!

3,50 EUR per ticket goes to covering the costs for the venue. 1,50 EUR per ticket goes to the Comedian (in addition to 150 EUR for her performance). 100 EUR will be donated to the refugee artist for her work. Many thanks for your donation!
  • Disponibilité : 1/1

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