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Présentation détaillée du projet


The story is this. We started thinking to produce this movie from scratch. We were only two, the director and me, who organized.

We started our adventure beginning a campaign to raise money it wasn't Kickstarter, here the first video for contributors at the moment:

That campaign was over few weeks ago and didn't gave what we expected but we were stuck on the decision of producing the movie or not.  We started the production anyways. 

We took a motel in west Hollywood making phone calls, actors internet researches and setting up a temporary shooting schedule.

The first week was pretty discouraging we didn't find the actors easily, I know that is LA, everybody is an actor but we needed the right one for the leading at least. Alexandra, the writer and director was looking on internet for him, Miguel. After a few days she told me, "check this out".

I said, that's him. His name is Daniel Van Thomas.

Carlotta Montanari is the co-leading actress, she was already on board since I spoke to her on the phone before to live to LA. The director have seen the show-reel and we liked her.  She helped finding Angela and Sarah the make up artists, also Elena Beuca who plays a special role, found most of the locations for the film and contributed economically as well. For those reasons Elena and Carlotta are today our Co-Producers.

Carlotta et ElenaCarlotta et Elena

We still needed one last location and Jason Bekowsky came along saying "my house is yours" and we shoot the first two days. Jason was a great support for the production, he provided the space to do rehearsals as well some lightning and a lot of smiles. His cousin Stephen Sgaraglino was running everywhere to cover the productions need but most of all he founded the extras and Thomas, Miguele's son, in a very short notice.

Stephen, Jason, AngelaStephen, Jason, Angela

Then we got everyone we needed very quickly, like a huge amount of water from a turbulent river at the end of the storm, Alex Restrepo, the mean wife; Kelly Chippendale, the hairdresser's client and Cassandra Nuss; Jason's neighbors Alex and Lizette . Without all of them the movie couldn't exist.

Alexander Drecun, the cinematographer, is an exceptional hard worker and artist. Without him we couldn't have a good deal with the RED camera lights and grips. I encourage you to watch this movie if you like photography.

Thank you to help us to make this movie be watched.

Giuseppe Lupoi

From www.danielvantomas.com

Daniel Van Thomas is proud to join the short film Trash from the Parisian production company Luproductions. From first time Hungarian director Alexandra Bognar & producer Giuseppe LupoiTrash records the mundane life of Miguel, an antique book collector who takes out the trash one night & doesn't come back, leaving his oppressive wife for a fling with a strange photographer & an aloof prostitute. Alex M. Drecun (Patti, Watching the World Die, Roman Candles) serves as the director of photography on Trash, which features actors such as Carlotta Montanari (The Rift, Rome, Assassin's Creed Revelations) & Elena Beuca (Soldiers of Fortune, Get Him to the Greek). Trash is set for European premiere later this year.

À quoi servira la collecte ?

The movie has to be seen by the odience of festivals. To partecipate to festivals we need often to pay a fee of 20 euros minimum or we have to duplicate DVD copies to join the selections.

The festivals where the movie will be presented are almost 100.

Thanks for your help.


At the age of 15 I understood that film is my path because I found a way to get out of depression and I wanted to share it. Moviemaking is about sharing. I ended up doing everything related to video making. Commercials, short movies, electrician, grip, editor, and now producer, with no money! I believe in free sharing, if everyone will... Voir la suite