Finance the first online grocery delivery service in Rwanda.

Help me launch GroceWheels, the first online grocery delivery service in Kigali, Rwanda that will help households save time and money.

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Finance the first online grocery delivery service in Rwanda.

Rwanda is a small country of about 10 million people in East Africa. Its neighbours are Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Congo.

Rwanda went through the last tragedy of the 20th century with the genocide against the tutsis. However today we are are considered as an economic miracle because 21 years later, the country is classified as:

1) Top 10 in doing business in Africa

2) Top 10 in government efficiency

3) A model in post conflict economic reconstruction

4) A model in leadership

5) One of the safest places on the planet (Top 5 in a 2015 study)

6) IT advancement such as 4G LTE, optic fibre etc...



Today, middle men and importers run the food industry. 

Farmers are ripped off of precious income in order to serve the margins of resellers.

Importers fix the prices of products (taking advantage of the fact that Rwanda is a landlocked country).


In the end, due to a lack of time to do his or her own due diligence, the consumer doesn't have the power to shop smartly and make a decision based on the best choices.




Having worked in the energy sector, I was able to travel all around the country to inspect and locate hydropower sites. Through these travels, I found it odd that our driver would come back to Kigali with a lot of produce and tell me:

"Gael, they cost less than half the price in the country side, and they lie to us in Kigali that transport is responsible for the cost increase".


I regularly went to the food market after that and made the observation myself. The resellers at the market and the drivers were colluding to increase the price and could even make more margins depending of the face of the client.


On the other hand, I made the observation that in order to get the freshest products at the most competitive price, the food market remained the best option. However one has to bear with crowded stalls, having to shop early in the morning, and long negotiations.


These two elements led me to try a pilot project consisting of delivering groceries to my relatives. I would have my full time job during the week, and the delivery service during the week end. Hence it was an opportunity for me to reconnect with my country by dealing with BoP markets.

Helping my aunt led me to helping my cousins, then their friends, then their friend's friends. I then realized there was a huge entrepreneurship opportunity. 


Therefore I incorporated a company, named it GroceWheels, and while working on the website and other technical aspects in order to improve my business, I kept delivering groceries during weekends to hand picked customers.


This is how it works:



The fact that I was competitive and reliable brought high demand from other businesses (restaurants, boarding schools etc...), which led me to take the company to the next level.

We realized that GroceWheels could be a unique platform for bridging the gap between consumers and producers, to help increase the sales and reduce the prices of one of the basic needs in life: food.


After working hard to increase the quality of the products, we found out that design and presentation would also be a requirement in order to increase our customer base. We then invested a lot of time and attention to the packaging.






Today we want to launch our website and start delivering on a daily basis, we therefore need your help to be able to process hundreds of orders every day while remaining competitive and trustworthy.




À quoi servira la collecte

Help us fund this platform that will directly help households save time and money and also businesses and farmers increase their sales.

We want to create one of the first african platform to bridge the gap between the consumer and the producer.


The money raised will help:


A) Install our office (2000 Euros) 

We are currently building our packaging facility with eco-friendly materials and recycled items. That sum will help us finish the packaging facility and buy stationery and supplies for the staff.






2) Equip our delivery Tri-Wheel with a customized hood to protect the delivered produce (300 Euros)


In order to be quick and efficient, we invested in these Tri-Wheel motorcycles. However, some customization must be done in order to convert them into fully functional delivery trucks.






3) Develop more marketing videos, t-shirts, social media campaigns etc... (500 Euros)

We are working with developers from all around the globe to build our marketing products such as T-shirts, flyers, videos etc... Also, marketing on social media will be important since 70% of the Rwandan population is highly active on these platforms.


4) Eco-friendly packaging (700 Euros)

Since plastic bags are forbidden in the country, we wanted to add an eco-friendly touch with these customized paper bags, which need to be ordered in large quantities.




5) Finish the development of our website. A few plug-ins are still missing (automated invoices, GPS tracking systems for our drivers etc...) (1,000 Euros)


Finally, we need support in finishing the design and the programming of the first online grocery delivery service in the city of Kigali and potentially in the region.

Additionally, they will be coupled to devices on the ground to make the process as innovative as possible.







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Thank you for your helo! We will send you this beautiful stickers.
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We can pay the monthly cellphone bill for our sell representative. We will send you a signed poster with the company logo!
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For 40 Euros you are helping us in the customer service program for our drivers. You'll get a customized giant business card with your name on it.
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70 Euros helps us ordering customized packaging envelopes that are eco friendly. You will get a customized delivery t shirt signed by the entire team!
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100 Euros gets us 1/6 of our yearly SSL certificate fees which is crucial to accept online payment especially in Africa. We will shout you out on social medias (770 likes on facebook)

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A 150 Euros helps us cover half of our monthly internet and call center charge. You will receive one of our marketing toy for kids.
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You just helped us buying furnitures! For 500 Euros we will name our conference room, stock room or garage after your.
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You helped us buy two computers and a GPS in order to track our deliveries! We will put your name/initials and a thank you message on one of our delivery truck
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