Help KillThePie Afford Medium to Draw Digitally

Help An Aspiring Artist Find His Way Into The Digital World

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Help KillThePie Afford Medium to Draw Digitally

<p>Hello to everyone that took the time to click on this project</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>My name is Yeahjun Heo and I&#39;m&nbsp;trying to find a way into the world of digital art.</strong> Currently I go by the name <a href="" target="_blank">KillThePie</a> and I keep a close record of my art journey on my Instagram page. Although I may be a novice at best, I truly wish that in the near future, with a lot of practice, I could become better at my craft and show the world what I have got. If you wish to follow along on my art journey, check out my Instagram page.</p> <p><strong>I have always been active in the art world.</strong> Since I was a child,&nbsp;I can only remember myself holding a pencil and a couple of colored crayons and drawing enthusiastically on any paper I could get my hands on. I have drawn various things from flowers in the garden to animals that I saw on the TV. During my early academic years, I took my art classes more seriously than others, trying to improve in the littlest bit. During my middle school years I kept a close during journal that I took anywhere I go, sketching people and buildings I found interesting.&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <hr /> <p>But due to my high school years, I have struggled to draw more frequently. At some point during my high school years, studying became to dominant over my free time, making drawing more of a hassle than a hobby. This was devastating for me because a medium I had to express myself had gone to dust.</p> <p><strong>But recently I have encountered&nbsp;the vast world of digital art.</strong>&nbsp;I was entranced by the endless possibilities it could deliver. Through digital art, I would be able to express art in ways that was not possible with traditional means. And by these fortunate encounters, my urge to draw started to bubble up. I started to draw more frequently -&nbsp;just simple anatomy and body structure - and a desire to get a means to draw digitally surfaced. But for me to afford it was out of my hands. That&#39;s why I have come here in search of any aid.</p>

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<p><strong>By supporting me with your hard-earned money, you will allow me to take leaps into the digital world.</strong> With the money, I will be spending it on a portable device that will allow me to draw digitally, the tools that will bring me ease in drawing, and the software that will follow. Here&#39;s the list of things I will be spending it on:</p> <ul> <li>Ipad Pro 11 256gb WiFi model: The reasoning behind this purchase would be the fact that this packs a ton of power in such a portable package. Other tablets that I have checked were known to not have befitting styluses, lacking power, or lacking software capabilities that the Ipad Pro delivered. More over, graphic tablets from Wacom were too expensive compared to what they offered and other cheaper ones made me question their durability. By having this as an option will allow me to draw for years without worrying about upgrading it to a better system.</li> <li>Apple Pencil: To draw on the Ipad Pro, you need to get the Apple Pencil. There are cheaper alternatives but they do not deliver the pressure sensitivity that the Apple Pencil brings.&nbsp;</li> <li>Pro Create: This is the software that will allow me to draw digitally. This application is known throughout the art community that uses the Ipad pro as their main drawing device.</li> </ul> <p>Once again, with your help, you will make these possibilities become true. I truly wish for your generosity.</p>

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With your money I am a step closer to achieving my goal. You have my gratitude.

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You have become the bigger person in aiding me on this journey. When this project succeeds, I will post a thank you message on my instragram story.

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