I Love the Seaside - the Surf & Travel Guide to Northwest Europe

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018
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The 384-page surf & travel guide to northwest Europe, from Lofoten, Norway to the north of France and everything in between.

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I Love the Seaside - the Surf & Travel Guide to Northwest Europe

I Love the Seaside bring you another surf and travel guide: this time a printed 384-page to Northwest Europe (English language).


From don’t-forget-to-breathe-beautiful Lofoten, in the north of Norway, we surf our way down the west coast then explore the shores of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland and Belgium, all the way to Normandy, in the north of France.

Ilts1clr-1511983534I Love the Seaside (that’s us) are a team of surfing travellers/travelling surfers who explore seaside spots, collect and collate all the best bits, and publish them so you can be inspired to explore too. We connect travellers, surfers and locals by sharing our favourite surf spots, places to hang out, and things to do.

Ilts1clrb-1511983785Last year (with your help and a successful crowdfund campaign!) we published our first surf and travel guide, which introduced you to the beautiful people and places along the coastlines of southwest Europe.

We got so much positive feedback from local people and businesses, and of course from you: the people who are travelling with our guide… which gave us the tremendous energy we need to continue this Seaside adventure.

And we’re not done yet with Europe!




There’s much more beauty to explore, to see, to share! There’s the North Sea with its stoked surfers. The pristine bays and vast landscape of Scandinavia. The welcoming warmth of the coldwater people.




Having travelled and surfed and slept, eaten and explored and met a whole lot of lovely local people in the north, we’re right now, as you read this, working on and fine-tuning yet another inspiring surf and travel guide: the I Love the Seaside Surf & Travel Guide to Northwest Europe.



We’re creating it with the help of the locals we met along the way and some very talented photographers, a filmer and our co-writer too, so of course, as with our first book, the Northwest Europe guide will be filled with great places to eat, drink, hang out, things to do besides surfing, people to meet, seaside locals, photos of stunning scenery, and loads of inspiration to take with you on your travels to the north.




What's included in the guide?


-       Maps

-       Beautiful and inspiring photos

-       Detailed and clear descriptions of surf breaks for all levels

-       Activities: hikes, SUP-tours, yoga, biking, climbing, fun

        & adventurous stuff to do with kids (or without...)

-       Accommodation to suit all budgets

-       Surf schools, surf shops, board rental and repair stops

-       Interviews with local shapers, artists and entrepreneurs

-       Background stories about seaside spots and their surf history

-       Local food facts and delicious recipes

-       Travel and outdoor hints, tips & tricks




You’ll get a distinct sense of the vibe, atmosphere and character of all the places we visit, so it’s a good read even before you leave!

À quoi servira la collecte

We love to be independent, free to choose and share the lifestyle of acting honestly, purely and with the heart. Staying true to this, we love to support the small and local businesses. That’s why we’ve chosen to do everything by ourselves; from collecting and connecting, to printing and publishing.




The I Love the Seaside Surf & Travel Guides are created by ocean-loving people for ocean-loving people, so you get our honest-to-goodness genuine bonafide recommendations only.


We’re here to inspire, so you can go and explore.



Join our new seaside adventure! Get involved and become part of the I Love the Seaside community. 


Pre-order your guide now (and take advantage of our awesome packages) so we can cover the expenses of printing and publishing, and you can be sure to fill that lonely space on your dashboard/coffee table with a beautiful printed edition of our northwest Europe seaside discoveries.



With your support, the guides will be printed and available from June 2018. Let us be the inspiration for your next adventure!


Make it all happen again by pre-ordering the guide now and benefit from the very generous packages we’ve put together with our partners. Be the first to enjoy the new I Love the Seaside Surf & Travel Guide to Northwest Europe.


Thank you so much and see you soon at the seaside!

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