Support me to achieve my goal to run the London Marathon under 3 hours. I need you...


Présentation détaillée du projet

the 24th of April, It will be the London Marathon. I look for generous peoples to support me for my preparation and my race. During 3 months I will give some informations about my preparation ( food, trainning ..) and I'll Give my feelings during the race and my result.

À quoi servira la collecte ?

I need to raise fund to have a chance to take part at this race.  It's for charity access at the London Marathon and I  need 500 pounds at least and more for my preparation (sport facilities). 

I will be support by your generosity.




I'm Hervé Tabau, I'm french citizenship. I live nearby Manchester. I'm 46. I love cooking and doing sport. I love helping peoples and charity Hospitals to provide vital equipment for research into life saving treatments I did lots of races, 2 marathons and 1 trail (Versailles Paris). I will be very exciting to run at the London Marathon and raise...

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Bon courage pour ta préparation !