Please help us to create impact on young kids to make them grow in sports and personality! Thank you very much!


Présentation détaillée du projet

PinoyPro Tennis Scholars is a project funded by the Philippine Tennis Coach and owner of PinoyPro Sports Ron Santander. This year Alexander Berghaus, coach from Germany, joined the project. Together we have a vision! We want to give young kids a perspective to grow in the sports of person and as a person! In the Philippines many kids can't afford the practice and the material and that's where we need your help!! We are grateful to any donation made, so we can provide the Scholarship kids with free lessons, as well as good equipment. Our mission is to build their dreams and give them perspectives so they get the opportunity to develop their talents individually. 

That's what PinoyPro and Alex Berghaus stand for in this project worth of supporting! PinoyPro Scholar, Jack Portugal is 12 years and succesfully competing in age group tournaments!Tennis Lesson with PinoyPro Scholar Jack Portugal :)

À quoi servira la collecte ?

Our project is worth funding cause it's a passionate and a very good program to give children the opportunity to develop their very own achievements and talents. Most important is they will develop themselves in sports and also in the "normal" life and live the values of sports and fair play on and off the court!  

Thank you very much for your support! We highly appreciate it!


My name is Alexander Berghaus, i am 19 years old and the project partner of Coach Ron Santander in PinoyPro Tennis Scholars!