Postcards for Viana do Castelo

Help a young student to show the uniqueness and originality of the serene place of Viana do Castelo through his perception of the city.

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Postcards for Viana do Castelo

On 20th of July 2014 I participated as a student in the “Freedom” project of the European Citizen Campus (ECC) in Viana do Castelo in Portugal.



Photo: The Basilica or Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, better known as Temple of Santa, was built on the hill of Santa Luzia in 1904.


Viana do Castelo is a municipality of about 40,000 inhabitants, located in the Minho region in the North of Portugal. As a young photographer I visited the city, which I liked a lot, particularly through its architecture and impressive monuments. While visiting, I was looking for postcards to send to my family and my friends. However, this mission proved a little difficult, as I found it hard to find postcards which capture the uniqueness and originality of this serene place. Disappointed to not have found what I was looking for, I decided to take the liberty to make my own postcards of Viana do Castelo through which I could convey my own perception of the city.



Photo: The Eiffel Bridge is a steel bridge built by the Eiffel company in 1878, which crosses the Lima River near its mouth, in Viana do Castelo.



Photo: The Eiffel Bridge allows the arrival of the railway into the city. With its 562 meters and two floors for rail and road traffic, it is a major symbol of the Iron Architecture in Portugal.

À quoi servira la collecte

I pledge for 800 EUR, to cover the print (approx. 550 EUR), travel (approx. 150 EUR) and equipment (approx. 100 EUR) costs I encountered.


Funding this project will help Viana do Castelo in order to show its uniqueness and originality.



Photo: The Bianinha is a type of bike, unique to Viana do Castelo, which draws attention and arouses sympathy for its innovative and attractive design.


During my stay in Viana I got in touch with Viana do Castelo tourist office and our objective is to print 10.000 postcards for the upcoming summer in 2015. Once printed they will be sold at the official tourist office and some local stores for a price of 1 EUR each.



Photo: The city Viana do Castelo was built along the Lima River. The spring of the Lima is in Galicia, Spain. It stretches across 108 kilometers to reach the Atlantic Ocean near Viana do Castelo.



Photo: For decades, the Hospital Ship Gil Eannes, built in Viana do Castelo in 1955, provided support for the Portuguese cod fishing fleet which operated on the banks of Newfoundland and Greenland.



Photo: The Forte de Santiago da Barra, located in the parish of Monserrate was built built, on the right bank of the Lima River in the 17th century to protect the river’s mouth.



Photo: Back of a postcard

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