Entre souvenirs et réalités, un double regard à la découverte fin juin de Brazzaville pour une création photo vidéo danse sonore en octobre.



Nous avons décidé de réaliser un nouveau volet de notre série "syso", courts métrages de vidéos danse, à Brazzaville.

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I grew up in Brazzaville, in Congo, until my six years old, because of my father 's job.

When we leaved, I said goodbye to my house. I promised it to come back.

I didn't feel well in France. I wanted to go home, in Brazzaville.

These first years are my first memories.

Thousands of memories that I've been keeping on telling myself day after day.

For 30 years, I have been dreaming to go back but I became so afraid to lose memories of my little childhood's lost paradise as an expatriate.

I have heard that my house was destroyed during the terrible civil war of 1997.


I did two creations two years ago. A photo exhibition called "My true false memories of Congo" and a dance theater solo "On sunday we used to go to the bush".

Now I am ready to lose memories and I want to discover reality, now and here in Brazzaville.


With Sylvain Trousselle we have decided to go for 3 weeks at the end of june to make an artistic work in Brazzaville.


We want to create about memories and reality. 

As a photographer and dancer artist and Sylvain as a video artist. 

Sylvain will work with video and the recording of sounds. I will work with photos, words and with the body.

We will also do a dance video creation as we already did twice : the "SYSO".

(see below)



There will be an exhibition in October in Aubervilliers, in a future place, the Hang'Art.

During 3 days we will share all the creations. 

You are very welcomed if you wish to support us by choosing a contribution. 


You have several kind of contributions : with different sizes of photos and a dvd with our production of photos, videos, writings and sound design built as a travel diary.

And you can leave us few words ...!






The "SYSO" videos :