Social Circle Mastery Conference

Help us finance the DVELOP Conference and learn the secrets of building, growing and managing your social circle and become your best social self

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Social Circle Mastery Conference

Are you ready to learn about the hidden side of social interactions that almost no one knows about?


Hi my name is Patrick, I’m the founder of DVELOP Academy and my question to you is:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like being in a completely different city or even country without knowing anyone? or are you looking to get to the next level in your relationships?” DVELOP Social Circle Mastery will not only share the secrets that so few people actually know but also give you a step by step formula to get you where you want to be in your social life. 


You see, I haven't always had the drive and the energy to hustle and spend the majority of my time around people. In fact, I used to be the kid sitting in the back of the classroom listening to my depressing music not knowing how to make friends or communicate authentically always being at the effect of my environment. 


Years later, I noticed that my social life was not in alignment with my values. I bundled my obsession and focused on learning everything there was about social interactions which was the most exciting time of my life, because that's when I really started growing and stepping out of my comfort zone. I had to completely “kill” my beliefs about the world, friends, family and romance which lead me into what I now consider my largest transformation. I was able to redefine myself the way I wanted to, I was finally at the Cause and not the Effect. I came to a point where I was able to help people that I admired when I was growing up. I found my passion in helping others, giving seminars and striving to create a better self, a me 2.0.


What you will learn at the DVELOP Conference is something you will not learn anywhere else. You will be guaranteed to connect with anyone, you see people I have taught these principals were mind blown that this isn't taught anywhere else.


It is a personal standard of mine to not let one of the best days of my life pass me by, and I wish the same for you. This is why we need your help to organise the DVELOP Conference for you. We want you to go through transformations that will create a life where you are the protagonist of your story and not anything else.


It doesn't take a lot of time to change your entire life, it only takes a fraction of a second to change everything... just through one little piece of knowledge. This is how I fell in love with the act of personal development.

I want to congratulate you for reading until the end, this alone shows that you are very close to stepping into what you’ve been dreaming off for so long. But act fast while the motivation is still fresh on your mind and finally learn the secrets to social circle mastery. 


I want to personally welcome you to The DVELOP Social Circle Mastery Conference. You have joined a great community, we're going to do this together, the event is going to blow your mind and be ready to experience feelings that you have never felt before. 

See you there! 




À quoi servira la collecte

You can literally waste your whole life in reaction to what other people want and play on other people’s scripts. 


Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and it begins now. But the point is, you’re here so at a certain point that’s a symbol to yourself that “I’m choosing to change today.”

You can take this in any way you want, or you can choose to say “enough with how it has been, now I’m moving towards a better direction.” 


You can make that choice. If you’re here it means that you’re motivated. This event separates you from the masses and means that you want to finally become who you really are, this is where the question becomes: Do you want to master your social life?


A lot of people don’t and that’s fine because they don't care, but sadly in a messed up way they do care, they just haven't hit a bad enough point in their life to take action on it. You sometimes just have to let people notice it for themselves which is often times learning it the hard way, hitting a point where they have to change. 


The DVELOP conference is exactly the place where you need to be to cut your learning curve in your social life. 



3 Speakers, 3 unique topics you will not hear about anywhere else.


Speaker 1. Patrick Kinas - How to connect with anyone

Speaker 2. Pablo Brusseel - Leading a Social Circle 

Speaker 3. Kevin Somany - Taking you out the friend zone



We have 20 days and must reach 2,000€ and we need your help. The money will be used to pay for: 


1. The conference room (1700€ - 1800€)

2. Drinks to keep you hydrated 

3. Food to keep you energised and maximise your learning experience 

(Rest capital is divided between drinks and food)


The 20€ to attend the conference will save you at least 5 years of your life worth of learning, failing and most importantly going out and experimenting to learn exactly how to manage your social life.

You pay less than the average social psychology textbook which costs 30-40€ and does not even talk about practical applications as to how to manage and influence your social life. 


For further questions email me at:





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