Help me achieve my dream by making it possible for my first mobile game to be released on the Play and App stores!


Présentation détaillée du projet

My name is Stefan Tabakov, I am 16 years old and I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. I love video games, programming, drawing, video and game design, dogs and lasagna. My passion is to learn more and more about technology and computers and I love creating my own programs and building computers from scratch, but my main passion all along have been video games.






After working on my first game for 9 months,

I am finally ready to finish it. The game is for Android and IOS, a 2D addicting and fun game, called SWIPER. Since this is my first serious project of creating a mobile game, and I have worked day and night to complete it, I am extremely excited to have it ready to be published on the Google Play and Apple Stores! The game is made in UNITY 3D, personal edition, and written in C#.


What exactly have I done?

I have learned C# (programming language) and working with Unity (the game engine) by myself, from scratch!


I have personally written all the code to this game, drawn all the artwork, animated it and put in audio. I have implemented ads, a global leaderboard, rewards for achieving high scores and much more.


Example of progression and unlocking new characters:



After getting a high score of 20:



My workspace:




However, on the road to achieving my goals stands a last obstacle! Both Play Store and App Store require a registration fee, in order to publish apps and games on the platforms.


Main Menu:



Start of the game:



Progressing to a higher level:


À quoi servira la collecte ?

The required amount to become a Google Play Developer is 25 EUR and for the App Store, it is 99 EUR.


Why I need the money?

In order to continue with the development of the game (Make the leaderboard global, include achievements, include options for sharing on social media, etc)  I am required to have a Google Play Developer account, which costs 25 EUR. The Developer account is also needed for releasing the game on the Play Store.


Furthermore for releasing the game on the App Store, another 99EUR is required.


What will I do with the rest of the money?

I will purchase a UNITY PLUS license, which will significantly expand my tool set for SWIPER and future project that I will create. A paid license for UNITY 3D provides a lot of features that the free one, which I am currently using, does not.



The remainder if the money (176 EUR) will be used to purchase the monthly license, which will be enough for 5 months.


Any money that exceeds my goal will go towards paying for the license for a longer period of time.


The project has been started 9 months ago, and will finish only with your help!




All the money will be received by me, Stefan Tabakov, and used for paying for the Play Store & App Store and for the UNITY PLUS license!




16, from Bulgaria! I love gaming, game design and graphic design. Specifically I am very fond of video production and illustrations.

FAQ Questions les plus fréquentes concernant le projet

+ What exactly does the player do in the game?

The character (the ball) moves up and down, corresponding to the swiping on the screen. You must evade the moving obstacles and collect points, reaching higher and higher levels!