Untitled (The Asylum Seeker and The Unaccompanied Minor)

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Visuel du projet Untitled (The Asylum Seeker and The Unaccompanied Minor)
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caterina -lorenzetti
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Saturday, June 16, 2018
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May art be a message of a world with no boundaries. ART MILITANT

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Every tiny little contribution will help me get to the aim!!!! thank you very much for participating!

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TANTI BACI E ABBRACCI!!!! Grazie, eviri contributions makes the difference!

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A big thank you! (with an additional +)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hope to see you to the opening of my exposition, you will receive the invitation per e-mail

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Thank you very much! You will be able to choose one of the pictures you like the most and also chose if you would prefer it to be printed on a matte or a glossy support! ...Don't forget you are welcome to join for the opening of the exposition! You will receive an e-mail invitation!

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Thank you so much! For your offer you will get to have 1 print 21x29,7cm of which you get to choose the support (MATTE or GLOSSY) . You will receive an e-mail invitation for the exptosition as well!

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I am incredibly grateful, thank you for this contribution! For you 1 print 29,7x42cm (MATTE or GLOSSY as you prefer the most) and an invitation for my exposition that you will oficially receive through e-mail.

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WOOOW thank you so much! For your great contribute you will receive a 42x59,4cm signed print plus a signed DVD of one of the video installations! Also you are invited to join at the opening exposition , i will keep you tuned! GRAZIE ANCORA!!!

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