14&15 Mobile Photographers is the first international platform entirely dedicated to spreading and promoting the work of the best talented mobile photographers, using smartphones for their shots. In 2015 we founded the platform with the aim of promoting a photography sector that is growing rapidly around the world and which is intended to create a new photographic language. We work to research and promote top quality authors, who have a strong authorial style in their work. Not just pretty pictures, but interesting stories made with strength and originality. We spread and we promote the mobile photographers work through various activities, such as books publications, photo exhibitions, production of collective projects, Instagram scouting and reposting, planning and launching of mobile communication and social campaigns for brands, workshops and conferences on the topic. We operate in various real and web environments, including Instagram, where we enjoy a widespread reputation of esteem and trust by tens of thousands of Instagramers from around the world. We have a very wide network of relationships with authors of various kinds, thanks to which we have been able to launch medium and large-scale collective projects for clients such as "Corriere della Sera"and United Nation, leading groups of dozens of photographers around a topic, building and managing the project directly on Instagram platform. We are currently the only international platform that deals organically with mobile photography and authors linked on it. The stories of the people are a great source of common richness and inspiration. We tell stories about contemporary societies, stories told through the eyes of the protagonists. Our interest is toward photographers who show a personal authorial approach, who have creativity and a sense of research and curiosity about using the tools and the language. We believe in good ideas!