Arab media lab

Taleb Cherche Midi is a media art collective with aims to strengthen the Media Art sector in Morocco by organising projects which focus on the development of new media arts in Morocco and the Arab world. Stimulating artistic exchange between North and South on all fields of media art - from digital video to installations and interactive art. Taleb Cherche Midi wants to contribute to the circulation of works from the Arabic and North African countries in different (international) video and film festivals, diversify the "Western perspective" on art from the Arab world and acquaint the West with Arab artists. Further, Taleb Cherche Midi wants to establish a Media Art platform in Morocco. Abdelaziz Taleb and Abdellatif Benfaidoul are the artistic directors of Taleb Cherche Midi. Both are film directors whose films have been shown in many international film festivals (Venice, Rotterdam, Berlinale and Clermont Ferrand among others). Both artistic directors of Taleb Cherche Midi have a Moroccan background and sound knowledge of the current situation in the Arab world. They have connections in both the Arabic and Western media arts sector. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ Board and Team: Executive Directors: Abdelaziz Taleb & Abdellatif Benfaidoul Project Managers: Rihab Charida, Dania Achour Communications: Sanaa El younsi Design and Visuals: Ziad Zitoun, Dirk Rauscher, Harakat Kamal Production: Abdessamad Taleb, Mohammed Lachhab Team: Abdelmoula Leksibi, Taouab Lakrissi, Med Amine