Welcome to the CAN KissKiss page! CAN is a creative enterprise operating by virtue of a collaborative network. We work with creatively focused, young entrepreneurs across London who work in one of the four disciplines of the network: Arts & Design, Multimedia, Performance and Web & Digital. As well as being a multi-faceted creative network, we incubate other projects such as the Northern Nights Film Festival ( and the PERT event calendar ( At a time when art funding is at it's lowest, and often put to one side due to the economic situation, we want to ensure artists can still be visible and achieve success, and we have been making this work across the world, with a temporary focus on London, over the last six months. Collaboration is our keyword, and we focus on bringing people with individual skills together to be greater as a team. We are CAN is not only a team, CAN is a fully-qualified creative army. Thankyou for any support.