Collectif Outreglot

Outreglot is: Baptiste Audousset, Louise Carsoux, Cham le Bon, Céline Fantino, Baptiste Le Chapelain Trivier, Victoria Pacheco Beristain, Rémi Riault Iommy Sanchez, Aude Van Wyller, both are past or present students from Villa Arson school of art in Nice, France The festival has been built due to Hugo Hyart, Charles Belpois, Baptiste Martin, Célia Richard, Lily and many more. Outreglot is a french artists collective born in 2016 in order to promote global digital music with weird polyphonic intentions, coming straight from the deepness of the internet. Outreglot has organized concerts, workshops, exhibitions and is now currently working on Missing Numéro festival: we need you to help us build architectures dedicated to music listening with the contribution of students.