A bit about Aline Aline Derderian has been dancing since childhood and this has gradually become a main part of her life when she attended Aubagne Conservatoire of Contemporary and Classical Ballet Dance ( South of France ) and completed her cycles. After completing her A-level studies in Literature, Philosophy, History of Art and Contemporary Dance, she re-located to Paris in 2011 where she attended Studio Harmonic for a one year dance training program directed by Corinne Lanselle and graduated. Parallel to this she studied Literature and Arts at Paris Diderot VII. She is currently completing a BA(hons) Performance Design & Practice at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design of London. Aline is at the origin of CONSENSUS CIE that she created last May 28th 2014 and directs. "I’m interested in the human being more than anything else. That is why working with professional dancers as well as people unaware of their own gracefulness inspires me. I believe in the idea that we as people cannot contrive our true essence or fragility : they are both things you cannot learn : the roots. My work also exists to attempt to break down the barriers between live performance and artefact wondering how the performance cannot be only ephemeral or recorded by running different collaborations gathering different media like live music, sculpture, photography between others." ©2014 CONSENSUS Cie (n°W133021544). all rights reserved.