La lampada dei desideri-11Radio

Since three years ago in the Roman district of Magliana is a place where boys and girls with disabilities, challenging prejudice and marginalization, are the protagonists of inclusion programs, social integration and autonomy. This large space full of colours, positive energy, made "magic" by the special meetings that take place in, is the "THE LAMPADA DEI DESIDERI", an Association where people with disabilities are not "passive objects" but "actors" of their existence. 11RADIO Network is a web radio of Social Communication, founded in 2011 by several residents in the city of Rome. The broad participation in the network has allowed us to start over the years several courses of training sessions and orientation, aimed both to introduce citizens in the world of social communication and to provide them with the tools needed for the implementation of the broadcast and construction of the self-managed mini editorial office in each location.