Brussels, Belgium

LOWUP is a Brussels based collective of music aficionados. We are DJ’s, producers and promoters of contemporary electronic music mixed with influences from all over the world. We run a label, do a weekly radio show on Bruzz and throw the occasional party. The whole story One evening in March 2008, in a loft used as a clandestine club, wedged between two evangelical churches in a wasteland around Brussels south station, a handful of dancers gather for the first Lowup party, founding stone of a collective that has not finished wanting to make you move. Under the impulse of DJ Mellow, quickly joined by Mr Orange and Max le Daron and later by Tim Colmant, they develop an eclectic and dancing musical concept, on the border between European clubbing and festive sounds imported from all around the world. Inviting DJs from around the globe such as Schlachthofbronx, Dubbel Dutch, Munchi, Frikstailers, Warrior One, DJ Edgar, Sam Binga, Pedro, … They set the bar high by offering cutting edge but accessible parties, mixing and introducing sounds and styles to Brussels. The evenings are not an end in themselves, the urgency to create a label arises and in 2011 we create Lowup Records, in order to give an echo to the productions of DJ Mellow and Max le Daron, as well as to those gravitating around the collective, like Murlo, Jay Jackson and many others … Since 2012 we also animate a weekly show on BRUZZ radio, another way to give a voice to this culture we defend from the beginning of our adventure. 10 years of countless parties, 2 free compilations and 19 EPs later, we’re launching our most ambitious project ever: a high quality compilation, accompanied by an exclusive poster, t-shirt and tote bag designed by Tim Colmant. All financed by a crowdfunding campaign. They played at a Lowup Party Kyulo, Dave Luxe & Jay Lateigne, Excyta, Red Ant, Kwistax, Joyce Muniz, Cocotaxi, Sany Pitbull, DJ Rideon, Marvy, Mo Laudi, Ganja White Night, Tupolev Sound Crash, DJ Manaia, Sabbo, Sweet Sweat Sound System, Schlachthofbronx, Dubbel Dutch, Munchi, Frikstailers, Warrior One, Soul Shakers, DJ Edgar, Baobinga, Funkystepz, The Busy Twist, Flore, Tomb Crew feat. Illaman, Don Fiasko, Jus Now, Champion, Swing Ting, Serocee, Famous Eno, Serocee, Trigganom, Murlo, Zwartwerk, Gan Gah, Jabo, Ozferti, Major Notes, Pedro, Lorenzo BITW Big shout out to: Sandy, Jay Jackson, Fred Becker, Dave Luxe, Excyta, Chloé, Marion, Thomas, Pierrot, Werner, Nos, Koen, Katleen, Momo, Edu, 1 Poss MC, Chloé, Gus, Lydie, Laurie, Sophie, Erika, Pierrot, Samuel, Greg Duret, Gustavo, Alessio, Hoa, Dragan, Marie Aurore, Alan, Bat, Dirk, Hailé, Max Pistorio, Francisco, Rafton, La Latinas Sardinas, Yasmina, Bonnefooi, Le Café Floréo, Sysmo,