We are two, we are Frensh and Finish, we live in Czech Republic and Portugal, we are actresses, puppeteers, dancers, researching,creationg and experimenting. Nella Turkki is a Finnish performing artist and creator who works a lot with combination of dance, object theatre, fine arts and physical theatre . Beside of many individual courses Nella has also attended puppetry studies in Turku Arts Academy in Finland and Theatre studies in ESMAE in Porto. At the moment Nella is creating new performances in Porto in Portugal. Mbalou Arnould, French performer, is working since the end of her actor studies (ARS, Lyon) with the Divadlo Continuo ( , International physical theatre based in Czech Republic. With them, she participate to the creation of several site-specific performances and leadership of workshops. She plays violon and habe tried last years to integrate it to her stage practice.