Once Upon A Place

Once upon a time Anatolian lands was a heaven of stories and storytellers. However thousand years old oral tradition of storytelling had been neglected and forgotten for years in modern Turkey. In the last decade, the art of storytelling re-discovered as a tool of healing, peace and reconciliation. In 2012; “Tell Me Association” had been established to gather the people who love to tell stories to share and explore more together. From then on, many performances, workshops, festivals, have been done to revive the deep tradition and re-create the urban way of storytelling in Turkey. “Once Upon a Place” is another project promising unique collaboration and Exchange experience in multinational level. The Project is led by three members of the association: Pınar Ozutemiz – Cultural Manager: Pınar Özütemiz is a cultural manager of Once Upon a Place project. At the same time, she is a human rights lawyer.Pınar is managing and coordinating activities on human rights NGOs to be developed a range of youth-led projects to empower young people and their communities. She concentrates on youth activities and minorities rights initiatives combining the art of storytelling. It's been said that storytellers are agents of change. Pınar is also a student on this long but exciting journey. She is developing herself in storytelling technique, joining a number of workshops and experiencing power of storytelling in Berlin and İstanbul. Ayse S. Donatan –Artistic Director: Ayse Senem Donatan is a storyteller, educator, co- founder of SEIBA International Storytelling Center and Theater Madrasa in Turkey. Her most vital experiences are related to storytelling as a form of art to freely express the body language and the voice. Her main interest is biographical stories and healing stories. She is also organizing a number of interdisciplinary projects by the aim of storytelling. Handan Saatcioglu – Project Coordinator:Handan Saatcioglu Gurses is a graphic designer from Istanbul. Her main interest is engaging storytelling with communal practice to allow awareness of the deeper movements people´s life. She believes stories help people to find their inner vision, to find their own story, and perhaps to even tell it and share it with others to deal with real life problems. She is also organizing storytelling events in Turkey.