Lyon, France

S/V is a young international literary magazine dedicated to literary creation. It comes out every four months, both in print and in digital format. What characterizes S/V and its editors is the strong desire to promote the very best of what contemporary literature has to offer. Our goal is to publish creative texts of any kind, ranging from poetry, drama, and short fiction to translations and works that go beyond the traditional boundaries of genre and media. We are looking for fresh voices and quality work; we only ask of our submissions to keep to a short format and to engage us in a one-of-a-kind reading experience. By all means, move us, surprise us! S/V is first and foremost an open creative space: we welcome all languages and all styles; and we strongly encourage young creators who have never – or seldom – been published to submit their works to us. Since we wish to share S/V with as many people as possible, part of our work when preparing the magazine is devoted to translating it: there will be three versions, in French, English and Spanish, of the most important parts of each issue.