Scènégal Ethic

Scenegal Ethic combines the art scene, Senegal and ethics. Full performing of the art scene, the music has always reflected the ancestral and contemporary sounds across ages and borders. Now it is also available to the body from invading souls through the senses and captivated mankind. Senegal has become a cultural crossroads for West Africa. Dakar moves, innovates, creates, invents a new cultural economy… becoming a bridge between Africa and the West. In a profit based economy, it’s becoming most urgent to restore ethics and true cultural values. From a management point of view, ethics is a state of mind which tends to bring out the best in the artists, bringing optimal conditions for them to evolve, respecting who they are in every way. We live in a world of abundance. Quantity has replaced quality. Blurs the original copy. In such a context, disorientation, and sense of balance, ethics opens new prospects, the promise of an innovative expectancy as a horizon line that allows the advent of conscious humanity, fully responsible and which finds its source in the depths of interiority to be. The crisis thus becomes an opportunity for creation. Such an oxymoron, a wonderful crisis! The artist is a visionary, who announces change. He is a messenger who brings reflection. Scenegal Ethic opens a road for true african artists who reappropriate the african voice