Olya Morvan was born in 1983 in Odessa, Ukraine. She is passionate about documentary photography and photojournalism. She has been developing her talent since 2012 with Yannick Cormier, Documentary Photographer (Trikaya Agency) and her influence include the classical photographers such as Henrie Cartier-Bresson, Josef Koudelka, Alex Webb. Olya’s unique sence of composition was enhanced through her personal projects focusing on Metro of Chennai, the religious festivals in Tamil Nadu, India, and on the Buddhist Monks in and around Ladakh, India. She followed Minnal, a homeless woman, to tell her story with all its dignity, joy and sadness in a more intimate portrait of humanity. Since December 2013 Olya covers events in Ukraine as a photojournalist for Wostok Press Agency focusing on the human side of the conflict. Olya’s work has been published in Paris Match, Le Monde, Nouvel Observateur, Revista 2, Time (best pictures of the week) online, Zeit online, etc. Olya attended the 2013 Delhi Photo Festival’s Magnum workshop led by Raghu Rai and was selected to be featured in the British Journal of Photography. Exhibitions: 2014: "Children of Faith" Public exhibition (Pondy ART Using Public Venues to Build Awareness of the Issues Challenging India Today) in Old Distillery, Beach Road, Pondicherry, India, with Pondy ART. Currently based in France.