Stanislav -Dobak and Jamie Lee

Brussels, Belgium

Jamie Lee and Stanislav Dobak We are a married couple in life and in profession. We are both multi-disciplined artists and work together as a team, Jamie being the Director and Creative Producer and Stanislav the Camera-man & Editor. We have worked together on numerous projects both artistic and journalistic and are driven to create a platform for conversation and raising awareness about topics which are dear to us. As a team, our works have been recognised internationally and have been recipients of various international film awards. We have always been proud to be a two-persons team accomplishing large scale projects together. Together we will be directing, producing and lead the main filming and editing aspects of the documentary. They are the creators of Motionhouse: photography & video collective and Memoryhouse Productions: multi-media dance productions based in Brussels, Belgium. Jamie Lee, Director of The Yoga Industry Jamie is a multi-disciplined artist and storyteller through various forms. Jamie's recent work was selected for Women Cinemakers 2017 special edition celebrating female film makers from around the world. She is the Creative Director and Producer of Motionhouse and the co-creator of Memoryhouse productions a platform for her artistic creations with Stanislav. ​ As a long time yoga practitioner, this documentary 'The Yoga Industry' has been a long lingering subject. Being a student of Yoga for many years, a multi-discipline artist & film-maker, this documentary was a natural progression. Jamie is not a yoga teacher or trying to sell a brand. Yoga has always been a private practice for her over the past decade. Tired of feeling powerless, she is very passionate about creating platform for conversations for subjects which people tend to shy away from. Jamie wants you to think about how much commercialism has affected our daily lives and invite people to be part of the solution. Stanislav Dobak, Technical Director of The Yoga Industry Stanislav Dobak is a multi-disciplined artist based in Brussels, Belgium. He is the co-creator of Memoryhouse Productions and the technical leader in Motionhouse projects. He is also passionate about raising awareness about this topic and use his skills to give back to the community to inspire change. Quality, purity and transparency are three questions he is personally curious to hear more about in this documentary. Stanislav will the main camera operator and editor of The Yoga Industry and will be responsible for all the technical aspects of filming processes as well as the post-production. ​