TESOL France

Paris, France

TESOL France (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) an affiliate of TESOL Inc. and IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) is a non-profit organization of teachers of English in France run entirely by volunteers. It was founded in 1981 in accordance with the “Loi Association 1901” in France. Its missions are to stimulate professional development, disseminate information about research, books and other materials related to English, and to strengthen instruction and research in all areas of English language teaching. Our main goal is to share knowledge, experience and best practices in English language teaching in France. Our members come from all sectors of teaching; primary, secondary, university and continuing education. For many years our activities (Annual Colloquium, Spring Day event and monthly workshops) were taking place in the Paris area. In 2007 the first TESOL France region was born in Grenoble, followed by Strasbourg in 2010, Toulouse in 2011, then Bordeaux and Nantes, Lyon in 2013 and our youngest region in Lille was established in 2014. Each region holds three or four workshops or swap shops a year inviting a guest speaker to share their knowledge and experience with local groups of teachers. In 2014, we dedicated our one-day conference, the Spring Day to the theme of Teaching Young Learners and Teens, in order to reach out to teachers in the state school system in France. In 2014, we organized the first nationwide speaker tour with a guest speaker from Poland, Jonathan Marks on the theme of teaching pronunciation. It attracted large groups of teachers throughout France. TESOL France publishes a magazine called ‘Teaching Times’ three times a year and distributes it among its members, comprising articles from current research and practices and latest trends in language education in the forms of academic articles, interviews, ready-to-use activities, materials reviews. Since its foundation in 1981, it has regularly held one large annual conference with around 350-400 delegates, several plenary talks, over 80 workshop or presentation sessions, poster presentations, and an exhibition area for publishers and language institutions. In 2014 we welcomed Stephen Krashen, renowned professor of Linguistics and educational theorist from the University of Southern California. This year, the 35th International Annual Colloquium will feature three high profile academic speakers, Professor Emerita Diane Larsen-Freeman (University of Michigan), Professor Emeritus Péter Medgyes (Univesrity Eötvös Lorànd Budapest) and Professor Harry Kuchah (Univesrity of Bath/CAMELTA, Cameroon). Details on the Colloquium, plenary speakers and the Programme can be found on our website.