Piacenza, Italy

The activities at TICE mainly address children and young people who need to enhance or develop specific skills both at school level, emotional level or behavioural level. Since 2006, when TICE Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS (TICE) was founded, its activity has been focused on research, development and assessment of teaching technologies. At present TICE is located in Castel San Giovanni (PC), in Piacenza and in Rubiera (RE), the legal head office. The 3 centres are educational laboratories where researchers, students, psychologists and teachers apply and experiment teaching curriculum, methodologies and technologies for education, able to offer long-term education. The group on disability is aimed primarily at families of children with disabilities that are interested in developing individualized educational programs, assessments and collaboration with schools. The group on school-emotions is aimed at students and adolescents with attention difficulties, learning difficulties and behavioural disorders. Technologies used by TICE are a unique combination of applied behaviour analysis, precision teaching, direct instruction and curriculum-based measurement.  At present TICE is the only center in Europe that combines all of these highly tested and researched methods into one comprehensive, instructional approach. The result is a profoundly transformative process that consistently produces 1 to 2 years growth in 8 weeks. During last years many teachers, students, parents, and professionals became aware of the successful outcomes achieved and requested to bring TICE methods to schools and organisations. TICE deals with the implementation of new educational programs also through external partnerships with public and private actors. Every programme is customised to fit the specific needs of the actors addressed. The following services are offered by the TICE centres: assessment of students' skills and deficits, learning pathways, recommendations for curricula, interactive workshops, in-classroom coaching, support to teachers and students.