Tin-Hinan Gazelitas Team has been the fruit a great friendship between a french-moroccan and a colombian girls who decided one day to participate to this crazy & impossible ( at the beginning...) of the Rally Aicha of Gazelles. With both great international environment & cultures attractions, the will of helping an unknown association of teachers dedicated to help on the education integration of disabled children, we have been very sensitive and touched to their hard daily work with no very good conditions & materials. Who we are: Imane BOUCHAMA 37 years old ,French-Moroccan Inside Sales Representative France,Benelux,South Europe & North Africa (NTIC) Determined & Ambitious Brave, positive , dynamic effective Always smiling, optimism is my nature!!! Oriental & Salsa Dance, travels, fitness.( body-jam-Zumba…) Ma devise: Life fully worths to be completely enjoyed !!!! Mabel SIERRA MEDINA, 33 years old, Colombian Psychoanalyst Fitness, oriental dance, travels, photos, poetry writing My favorite quote: ”What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well” The Little Prince For more infos you are more than welcome to visit, like & share our different social, professional pages and website :p