Give a second life to our toddlers clothes with a clothes shop and used accessories for children and babies.


The project

Ironically I do not have children but I have lots of nieces and I can see how fast the clothes pile up in closets.


Clothes that become too small as soon as our toddlers grow. What a waste of money and raw materials for us and our planet.





Recognizing this, the need to build a structure to upgrade the tat our rogues seems like a very good solution.    The project is to create a clothing store and used accessories for children and babies where people can buy used clothing at low prices and sell their own.    It is not a deposit sale, I immediately redeem the clothes that people bring me to better motivate them to put in the system their old clothes.

Why fund it?

To be in total harmony with the concept I set the rule that all the necessary equipment for the store will be used.   


The funds rising will be used to purchase essential equipment to store layout as healthy and displays in order to highlight the clothes. 


Here are the details:   


Equipment store layout: € 1,500   


Computer equipment and cash: € 400   


Purchase the stock of clothing from: € 700   


Communication elements: 400 €   


The costs of renting a store (deposit) will be funded on my own funds.


J'ai travaillé dans différents secteurs (banque, fleurs, restauration). Aujourd'hui je voudrais que mon travail n'ai pas un impact négatif sur la planète en contribuant à valoriser des modes de consommation alternatifs