Help us realise our dream location that will allow us to continue spreading hummus and love on your pita bread


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From Syria with Love: food for the soul... coming from the heart

It all began with a dream, a dream to change the perception of the word "Syrian Refugee." A word that has flooded the media and people's minds to the extent that it always brought a negative connotation. Rarely did anyone know anything about Syria prior to the war. 


"I couldn't stand the pity and sad eyes when I told people I was from Syria. There had to be a way to show the hidden gems of Syria, the gems the Syrian people had brought with them from across the Mediterranean.” 


Back in September 2017 Yara, a design consultant, come across four women who had a lot more than the words Syria and refugee; they shared a passion: cooking Syrian food with love.  


It was not long before this passion become a social enterprise called "From Syria with Love", a catering company that aims to empower and give a purpose to Syrian housewives who now call Belgium home. The mission goes beyond empowering and sharing food; it's a bigger vision to blur the lines between the locals and the new comers.

After our great success the past year, we decided to commit to a fixed location where we will continue our mission and prepare daily meals, organise cooking workshops, and cater bigger events. 

Our Team: ​​​​A devoted team of lovely Syrian housewives



Head Chef Sabah from Aleppo is 44 years old and has 2 children. She has been in Belgium for 1,5 years. "I have never felt more proud to be a Syrian, making people happy."

Chef Ahlam from Homs, she is 34 years old and has 4 children. She has been in Belgium for 2 years. "Cooking has become my profession, which is the best thing that could've happened to me."

Chef Abeer from Damascus is 33 years old and has 2 children. She has been in Belgium for 1 year. "I never imagined that I would grow to love Belgium this fast."

Chef Deeya from Aleppo is 36 years old and lives by herself. She has been in Belgium for 2 years. "When I met the ladies and saw them cooking, I couldn't hide my enthusiasm!"

In the News
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À quoi servira la collecte ?

We were blessed to find a humble location to rent in Gitschotellei, Antwerp; however the store is empty and needs a reconstruction in order for it to be suitable to contain a professional kitchen under the rules and regulations of the FAVV. 

If we are lucky enough to reach our goal then your kind contributions will go to:

1. The reconstruction of the store
3,000 euros to renovate the store *pipping, electricity, water, gas...
1,500 euros for material to furnish the store *flooring & ceiling material, toilet, lavabo... 
2. The essential professional kitchen appliances
1,500 euros Gastro
1,800 euros Dishwasher
2,700 euros Hot air oven
2,000 euros Freezer
2,000 euros Cooler
2,000 euros Cooker hood

Thank you in advance for everything :)

Yara Al-Adib

A hybrid designer and citizen of the world... An independent user experience designer and social entrepreneur that traveled the world to seek the best of all worlds: Syria, Kuwait, Lebanon, Italy and now Belgium.

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all the Best for this project!
Keep up the hard work and good luck yara.
Lots of succes! Love from Hasselt. Guido and Liesbeth.