GART CDC presents


Chocolates, cookies, Artists and Solidarity


The project

GART = Greedy + ARTists




GART will offer you GOURMET packed by ARTISTS .






Chocolates, biscuits ... around PACKAGINGS unique handcrafted .


WHY ? To discover MANUFACTURERS and the product of their passion. To provide PACKAGINGS dedicated to ARTISTS , packaging less monotonous , more expressive and creative. GART is assembled in workshops JOBS LOCAL SOLIDARITY .


HOW ? Seeking the best MANUFACTURERS , you do not know or like you rediscover . By performing a custom paper TRIM , 100% dedicated to the creation . In TROOPING all within WORKSHOPS SOLIDARITY supporting employment for people in difficulty (disability, rehabilitation ... )


FIND GART ? Wherever the TREATS can be installed . Bakery at the sandwich , through grocery stores ... GART will also be on- line to present his culinary , artistic and other adventures discoveries ... and purchase online solution customized products.


PRICE ? 2 to 5, 7, 10 euros ... all depend on what GART will offer in terms of gluttony, and packaging design .




HELP GART , discover its first series , combining four delicious cookies poppy THE GOURMET 2 and the artist collective THE PARISIANER .





TWO GOURMET concoct a delightful collection of cookies, which you will travel through the riches of land Île- de- France . Manufactured in their workshop Crespières these tasty creations are the result of a blend of the finest ingredients unearthed in the heart of Parisian countryside.






Kkbb_the_parisianer Imagine a Parisian magazine , THE PARISIANER . What could the covers look like, and what they would tell original stories about Paris ? Through an image, the cover of this magazine imaginary , 100 illustrators were invited to express their vision of Paris : poetic or caustic , offset or realistic ...




WORKSHOPS with cooperation : Establishment and work assistance , established in 1963 serving the company employs and manages disabled.


Why fund it?

> Edit GART , the taste , discover

> Canvassing sales points (some are already selected ) .

> Ensure communication costs , a website presentation.

> Develop a sales display . GART is a pure juice partnership. GART thank TWO GOURMET , THE PARISIANER and WORKSHOPS COOPERATION for their participation in this first .


GART#2 is in the pipeline , a chocolate bar unknown in France & ...


Gart est créé par l'agence évoo, qui depuis 2004, développe la VOOcard média papier, solidaire et gourmand.

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Bon courage! Si le projet ne va pas jusqu'au bout.. j'espère que vous en lancerez un autre très vite!
petite contribution mais étant moi meme dans les métiers de bouche je trouve ce projet génial. bonne chance pour la suite...
Bravo ! Super projet :-)