Global warming is here, it's no longer always cold enough to freeze water falls. Generation Dry is for the future...


The project


Year after year, winters are warmer and warmer.  We can't deny it, the global warm up is here. Ice climbing is becoming more and more complicated.  Hopefully mankind is versatile and can evolve at the same time: dry-tooling is born!



The purpose of this film is to highlight the history of dry-tooling since its beginning, its evolution and the current practice.  We'll show the real craze and the advantages it develops for mountaineering. We will explain the technology associated with the gear and show the training of athletes that gives them the ability to free climb routes previously described as impossible in alpine style.






Antonin Cecchini in Dysneyland, WI5 D5+ in a very new secret spot, the Arche.




"Generation Dry" will be presented in a very logical way.  It will follow the French Competition Team through an entire season from the team's selection, local competitions, World Cup Stages, ice climbing in the Alps, all the way through high altitude mountaineering.





North face of the Drus.





Through this film, you'll discover the "stars" at the origin of the sport (world known alpinists, competitors, passionate practitioners).  These stars will add interesting commentary and they'll clearly explain why they started this sport and why they continue to love it.



Dry-tooling has its own dedicated places, all of which will be shown in the film. The true purpose of this sport is to gain strength and endurance to be used up in mountains. This permits us to climb new routes, and to free climb some historically aided routes. 


We'll go filming in high mountain to find the most aesthetics routes to show you the real finality of the sport.


Here is a short list of some of the spots shown in the film: the Usine (world known dry-tooling spot in Grenoble, French Alps), Kandersteg/Cogne (hard historical mixed routes), Chamonix and Les Écrins (for high mountain), and many others.








Stéphanie Maureau in Iron Man D14 à Eptingen, Switzerland.




We really want to keep a strong human dimension, all along guided by Gaetan Raymond, you'll travel, (ice axes in your hands) through breathtaking places and with stars of the sport like Robert Jasper, Jeff Mercier, Stéphane Husson, Stéphanie Maureau, Manu Ibarra, Liv Sansoz, Manu Pelissier...






Robert Jasper's interview when we went to Eptingen, such historical place for dry-tooling.




We'll also be on Ice World Cup Stages to show you the performances of the best climbers in the world like Angelika Rainer, Gordon McArthur, Park Heyong and the Tomilov's brothers.


The last part of the film will take place in the high mountain with the young generation which really utilizes dry-tooling technique like Michi Wohlleben, Kora Pesce, Simon Duverney, Pierrick Fine, Octave Garbolino. We will also talk with other practitioners which are always more and more excited about the sport and make it what it is!!








Coralie Jary in Tequila Stuntman WI5+ M5+, Rive Gauche du glacier d'Argentière, Chamonix.




Those wonderful brands are already supporting us : 

AsoloBéalVerticalPetzlPéguet et AntworksAnd also the famous association Dry-tooling Style !





*Fiming days are planned until March 2016.

*The premiere will take place in the Rencontres du Cinema de Montagne de Grenoble in  November 2016.

*Show in all the movies festivals in France and Europe, and with your donations, all over the world !!


We need your help to make it real!

Why fund it?

The movie will be shot over two winter seasons (2014/2015 and 2015/2016) and partly in summer.



The funds collected will go towards the costs of filming, sound engineering and film editing.

We are interested in delivering a high quality movie . It will be the first time that movie like this will be made.  To this date, no one has ever made a movie about dry-tooling with the intention to show its history, to introduce this sport and cover all its aspects.


Despite our total dedication and motivation, as well as being already sponsored by a few brands, we still need more financial support.



Please help us show what dry-tooling is to the world !



The collected funds will help us for: 


   - The travel costs. We depend on the weather, and some of the routes are in Switzerland and Italy.

The gas stations haven't sponsored us and even by sleeping outside, we need to eat.


   - The sound engineer and the editing team : around 2500€


   - Some filming gear : hard drives, gopro, etc. +1000€


   - The cameraman.


   - A drone. If you can get the budget we need with your help, we could use a drone. This way we could get some very unique and really breathtaking footage. 1000€/day


   - The music for the film. Capturing some extraordinary footage is one thing, but to make a great film, the sound (and the music) is about 90% of the film!! +1000€




Gaëtan Raymond and Pierre Chauffour are at the origin of this project. They are totally dedicated to share their passion of dry tooling with the biggest number, and to show how it can be beneficial in the mountains! Gaëtan is specialised in dry tooling. He brings his vision of this new discipline which he started over 10 years ago. He has already... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ When I will receive my rewards?

In November 2016 for the DVD and posters.
In september for the shoes and clothes.
NB: the shipping fees will be at your charges for out of France adresses.

+ I want to sponsor your movie project, how to contact you?

By mail at
Or by phone to Gaëtan at 0033 687 49 39 52 ou Pierre au 0033 678 72 91 13

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