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A jewel: color, lightness, femininity, originality. Discover Gisel B., his world and his project.


The project



The brand jewelry are designed in noble materials. They are mostly gilded with fine gold. The first aim is to provide high jewelry. Particular emphasis is given to forms and geometric graphics, which are conceived and designed by the designer.




Jewelry Gisel B. claim to chic and sleek. Indeed, the apparent simplicity makes these pieces of jewelry that women can wear day and night, on a basic like a pretty evening dress. The fact of finding gold jewelery with fine gold, takes us back to the sophistication of yesteryear. A retro-chic, inspired by the Roaring Twenties, is in each piece.





The purpose of this project is the development of the young designer brand jewelry B. Gisel, France and internationally. In fact, the brand has a small fifteen outlets in France and Belgium. Today Gisel B. wishes to develop, including international, and be distributed in Asia and the United States. For this, it is imperative that the brand is presented at international trade fairs and prestigious. The aim would be to finance the international exhibition of precious jewelry and fancy Bijorhca be held from 5 to 8 July 2013 in Paris, Porte de Versailles.    




A trade show like this requires a very large financial investment (location, filing fees, transportation, logistics, development of stand ...) and advance preparation is necessary. Indeed, should the 2013 autumn-winter collection is fastened and validated to allow its presentation. All work mailling, invitations, pre-brand presentation professionals costume jewelery should be done in the previous month the show. Therefore Gisel B. puts the odds on his side and host an intern who will work on logistics and trade show preparation and accompany Gisel B. until his presentation at the show.





Who i am ?






Why fund it?


The collection will:   - Finance the trade show Bijorhca jewelery held in July, Porte de Versailles in Paris. The cost of living rises to € 2,500 incl. - Finance the development of the stand Gisel B. to make it as attractive as possible and within a chic universe and inspired by art deco.   All this in order to help a young jewelry brand to develop.


Young jewelry designer, Clemence Masson, she creates unique hand shapes to suit trends and seasons Roubaix in his workshop, which dominates the old textile mills. Cradled by the retro world of Gisele, her grandmother a seamstress, and a wandering mind, the designer jewelry offers chic, sleek always embellished with a small ethnic and bohemian touch.

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bonsoir, du buzz et encore du buzz pour toucher le second et troisième cercle, on en parle , on envoie le lien, bonne chance ! on se fait un debrief après juliette from IFM
Très jolie projet.
Good luck !