#Globesinger is a video documentary created by the singer/journalist G.No. He travels the world to make music and to discover a culture.


The project


The singer/journalist G.No travels the world to meet a culture and local musicians in order to make music with them. He uses the Canon 5D Mark 2 and the iPhone to capture these moments, and flies to a country per episode. He only knows the destination before he goes there, he has no contact in the country, so he has to talk, and to find interesting people in the streets...He shots music videos there, and share his trip with the social networks.


Here is the 1st episode shot in Brazil in may/june 2014:


and here is an example of a song created with a local musician (in Brazil): 


and here is a video shot in Salvador de Bahia:

Why fund it?

The money is gonna be used to


-buy the next flight & hotels (the destination will be chosen by the investors!) 1000€

-pay a professional video editor 800€ (the 1st episode was edited by G.No)

-buy a microphone 300€

-promote the documentary online (via Twitter & Facebook ads). 500€




My name is Marc aka G.No, and passion runs my life. It all started with making music because it made me practise the digital tools everyday since 2001: apple & adobe softwares, social networks. Learning this new media to produce and sell mp3s on iTunes, I became a full-time high-tech and music journalist for different magazines: Webdesign, Advanced... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Qui est G.No ?


+ Quelle est la durée d'un documentaire ?

48 à 52mn

+ Quelle est la prochaine destination ?

Elle n'est pas encore déterminée. Les investisseurs vont envoyer leur recommendation, et en fonction je choisirais le lieu ! J'ai en idée l'Australie, l'Argentine, Nyc..

+ Où est diffusé le documentaire ?

Pour l'instant sur YouTube et Vimeo. Le but est de le diffuser un jour dans une TV et de le vendre sous forme de coffret DVD.

+ Quelle est la langue du documentaire ?

G.No parle en français mais le sous-titre est en anglais. À l'avenir, il faudra prévoir des traductions dans différentes langues.