Collector of indian graphics, author of books, blogger, I am also found of bags & pouch bags that provides a nice media for creation.


The project

The project is to create a catalogue of three different kinds of bags for this first collection :


1) satchels




2) square bags (jhola)






3) bag packs







as well as some pouch bags










These bags and pouch bags are made with a strong synthetic canvas, an inner lining making the bag totally waterproof. The printing technics are the best of the moment (japanese and german technologies), the printing can even be machine-washed (some colours can be even very closed to fluorescence). The designs are even ironable. The satchels and square bags are decorated with beads and sequins, hand-made work.




                                 Rivets will reinforce the stitching of the handle to the bags



                           Beads and sequins decorated the bags. Hand-made work.











I spent even two months in a specific factory to estimate the feasibility of that project, as well as to make some samples.

Now it is time to make an order and give this brand a visibility in the bags and clothing shops.



Changes and details for the bags


1) The canvas won’t be white but beige or black

2) the jhola bags will be about 20 % smaller



Why fund it?

For this project I need a minimum of 3.500 € to proceed a first order of a few hundreds bags and pouch bags, to pay the shipping, the import taxes and to pay the VAT, a plane ticket and the cost of staying in India a little while to keep a close eye on the production.

Then I will have to meet sales representatives to bring the products to shops and also to create a website for the brand.

Then if you are willing to support me in this adventure, I would be grateful.




If I get .. €



3500 €   I start the production of this catalogue although I would have just enough to make every designs in very small quantity therefore a few will remain for the sales representatives. But the brand will be launched.


4500 €   I can order the whole collection in fair quantity to fullfill my commitment towards you, and have some more to start distributing in shops.


5000 €   I can order the whole collection in fair quantity to fullfill my commitment towards you, and have some more to start distributing in shops, and also to finance some adverts in newspapers and magazines. I would also contribute to the making of a small paper catalogue and to pay for the Google Adwords campain that would reference the website.





- How to contribute to this project ?

1 : Click on “Back this project”. If you are not registered yet, just do it. It’s easy and free. You will be then redirected to the project’s page. If you are yet registered, then just follow the steps.

2 : Choose the amount of your contribution on KissKissBankBank. Your paiement will be securised through PayBox, one of the world leader about Internet payment. If the project does not reach its goal, then your amount will be FULLY and automatically refunded.



- Do you send abroad ?

Yes, but if you leave out of the metropolitan France, please add 10€ to your contribution to cover the shipping’s fees.



- How and when will I be able to choose the design of bags I want ?

Once the project will reach its end and the money collected, I will contact you through mail. Thank you !


Stéphane Guillerme is a traveller – observer who takes his time to dig his topics in depth. He would use any means of transport to visit any corner of the country, and he leads his investigations in the heart of the people and their traditions. His process : Fifteen long-term trips all over India (and many others elsewhere in the world), an amazing... See more

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Bel esprit pour ce projet incluant la prise en compte de tous les acteurs de sa réalisation. Le produit fini est de bonne qualité et les finitions en perles faites a la main amènent une touche humaine originale. Très bel esthétisme.
Oh my God Michel, que les saints soient avec toi
Happy d être la première à encourager ce projet. J ai eu la chance de voir ces sacs et pochettes de près et je les trouve originaux et super bien réalisés..... avec pleins de détails qui en font de beaux objets et un accessoire mode qui rehausse une tenue. J adore les perles et sequins cousus sur le motif imprimé.